Customer Appreciation – Tips & Ideas!

We are all getting geared up for the MEGA Customer Appreciation Celebration Thirty-One has planned! I think this is the coolest thing ever! They have really been planning this for a while, there’s giveaways, contests, exclusive products and patterns, plus a huge sale! It’s a lot of info for me, so I’m sure my customers […]

ManyChat – Messenger Bot for Facebook

I love finding new and exciting tools for my business! Especially when they are easy, fun to use, and give me stats I can stalk, lol! I love checking a click report! My friend, Bridgett, shared this new tool with me and I’ve been playing with it for 2 days. It’s called ManyChat and it’s an amazing […]

Become a Brand Ambassador with CinchShare!

It’s Free!! And super easy! I became a Brand Ambassador so that I could use the new features they roll out! When they make a new feature available, it’s available to Ambassadors first. They eventually make it available to everyone too. I became an Ambassador in order to use the Batch Posting option. Now CinchShare has a […]

The Outlet Sale is Over! Now What?!

Hopefully you worked the Outlet Sale like never before and had amazing results! Chances are, you have NEW customers from the sale. Shoppers that have never shopped with you before, they could be friends, family, or even someone you don’t know. We don’t want the Outlet Sale to be the only time they shop with […]

Vendor Event Set Up: How to Stand Out!

Vendor Events are crucial to the success of a Direct Sales business. One new customer can snowball into 100 in a matter of months! Which means, even a small event can make a huge difference in your business. Having a booth space that stands out from the crowd is important too. A pretty place is […]

Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #4

I send a hand written thank you note to all of my customers. There are times I get behind, but I will get caught up. Right now, I’m actually glad that I am behind because I have lots of notes to get out! Remember that cute little flier I made in Tip #3? I printed […]