Facebook Party Points Counter!

I’m revamping my Facebook Parties and decided to go with a Party Points game to encourage activity. I have always been a little afraid to use this in a party because I had no clue how to go about calculating the points. Well, I came across Party Points Counter and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve found […]

Customer Appreciation – Tips & Ideas!

We are all getting geared up for the MEGA Customer Appreciation Celebration Thirty-One has planned! I think this is the coolest thing ever! They have really been planning this for a while, there’s giveaways, contests, exclusive products and patterns, plus a huge sale! It’s a lot of info for me, so I’m sure my customers […]

ManyChat – Messenger Bot for Facebook

I love finding new and exciting tools for my business! Especially when they are easy, fun to use, and give me stats I can stalk, lol! I love checking a click report! My friend, Bridgett, shared this new tool with me and I’ve been playing with it for 2 days. It’s called ManyChat and it’s an amazing […]

Seasonal Help Needed!

Have you ever worked a Seasonal Job? Companies are always looking for extra help during the Holidays because so many people are out shopping. It’s no different in the Direct Sales Industry. That makes now a great time to Join Thirty-One! Instead of working a Seasonal Job at a Retail Store, working around their schedule, and going […]

Facebook Parties, Simplified!

I’m finding more and more ladies are wanting to party on Facebook. Even with the Holidays around the corner, my calendar is filled with Online Parties rather than Home Parties. My goal this season is to simplify my business, cutting out what isn’t needed and making it super easy to share, party, and work my […]