Become a Brand Ambassador with CinchShare!

It’s Free!! And super easy! I became a Brand Ambassador so that I could use the new features they roll out! When they make a new feature available, it’s available to Ambassadors first. They eventually make it available to everyone too. I became an Ambassador in order to use the Batch Posting option. Now CinchShare has a […]

Vendor Event Set Up: How to Stand Out!

Vendor Events are crucial to the success of a Direct Sales business. One new customer can snowball into 100 in a matter of months! Which means, even a small event can make a huge difference in your business. Having a booth space that stands out from the crowd is important too. A pretty place is […]

Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #4

I send a hand written thank you note to all of my customers. There are times I get behind, but I will get caught up. Right now, I’m actually glad that I am behind because I have lots of notes to get out! Remember that cute little flier I made in Tip #3? I printed […]

Live Bingo on Facebook! Huge Fun!

Bingo using Facebook Live! I’ve been wanting to try a pay-to-play Bingo on Facebook for a while but wasn’t sure how it would all work. One day, it finally came to me and I put it together! Here’s a quick run down of how I set up the event, received payments, sent cards, and ran […]

Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!

Until recently, Thirty-One did not allow their Consultants to have Business Pages, or Like Pages, on Facebook. They have since updated the Consultant Guidelines, and we can now have a Business Page! This is really exciting, they are public and make it really easy for your customers to share info for you! That is what […]

Find Me on YouTube For Something New!

This is FUN! I have BIG plans for my YouTube Channel and you are gonna want to join in! I’m doing weekly LIVE videos, sharing Thirty-One, how I use our products, and tons of other fun stuff! I am so excited! My first TOTE-ally Live with Jenna segment was tonight and it was a blast!! I love […]

Reach Beyond Facebook with Your Live Video

I had a light bulb moment while thinking about the live video presentation I would be doing for a Facebook Party. What if I could reach beyond Facebook with that video!? I needed a way for my hostess to share her party video with anyone, even if they weren’t on Facebook! The answer: YouTube! I have […]