Offer Your Services to Your DS Friends!

The Large Utility Tote special is one of the top specials of the year. The reason is obvious, the LUT is our top product! Consider those that need more LUTs when reaching out to others about this special. One great thing about our products, is how helpful they are to other Direct Sales Consultants. I’m hosting an event for my Direct Sales friends, I’ll be offering some great tips on staying organized, carrying and storing their products, and offering some discounts to them as well. This event will be hosted on my public business page, making it super easy for them to share with their friends, teams, and anyone! You are welcome to join and watch the event and what I do. Please do not comment with a question regarding how I am doing something on a post in this event. This event is an actual event for my customers. If you have a question, you are welcome to message me or comment in a Thirty-One group post.


One important thing to remember if you decide to host an event like this, Don’t just try to sell your products to them. Offer real solutions for their business, tips to stay organized, how to find vendor shows, marketing their business, ideas that aren’t just around the products you sell. This will make your event helpful and not just a selling event.


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Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #5

Everyone is excited because our Outlet Sale starts Tomorrow!! (for customer 😉 ) So get your customers, sharing their excitement! This is a really simple idea, and if you want to add a little more fun to it, do a giveaway as well! Here’s the rundown:

  1. Create a Share Campaign, either through your Business Page Event or through an Email Marketing Service (like Mad Mimi)
  2. Have your customers share the sale and their excitement with their friends.
  3. Create a video showing them how to share this campaign, not everyone knows Facebook the way we do 😉 I use Screencast-O-Matic for my videos, it’s free!
  4. Offer a giveaway! This will get you more participation! I have them sharing today and tomorrow about the sale, then on Thursday I will select a winner from those that participated.

This video has a quick how to for both campaigns.

The video below is a complete walk-through on creating a share campaign using Mad Mimi.

Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #3

We are always looking for new customers, and the Outlet Sale is a great Ice Breaker!! Everyone loves a good sale! I made something super simple to hand out, and share the sale!

Tip #3: Make a cute and simple flier to hand out to new contacts.

It’s a really simple idea, I use for all of my graphics. There are other sites out there, this is what I’m use to and what I prefer to use. Check the bottom of this post to find a How To Video on PicMonkey.

This is the flier I made for this sale. Since we don’t have the dates yet, I created an event on my Business Page to share info. I then created this qr code that leads them right to the event they can join. I will probably go back and add my page name in case they just want to search it. I used the print size of 4×6 and then printed them 4 to a page as a 3.5×5. By making it smaller than the actual print size, it ensures that the image will be clear and not bleary. You can also have them printed at CVS or Walgreens as a picture. I printed mine on CardStock.


Check out the video about this image and idea here.

The video below steps you through using It’s an older video but it gives you the basics.


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Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #2

Get an email sent out right away! It seems so obvious, but most consultants don’t do this super easy tip! Thirty-One has even told us that while they do send an email on our behalf, you shouldn’t rely solely on that as a way of letting your customers know about the sale. These emails go out in batches, meaning some go right away, while others might not be sent for several hours! That means your customers may not get an email about the Outlet Sale until HOURS after it started!

Another way that I was able to increase my sales during the last Outlet Sale was to send my own email to all of my customers. It’s actually very easy to do and in many cases, you can use this website for free! I use for my emails. There are other sites out there such as, Constant Contacts, Smore, and MailChimp.

The video below shows you a quick overview of Mad Mimi, and their email set up. I do have another video on YouTube that has a more of the step by step process of setting up Mad Mimi.



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Here is Tip #1 -> Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #1

Maximize Your Sales During the Outlet Sale! TIP #1

Have you ever had a customer say to you, Oh I didn’t realize y’all were having a sale!? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all kicked ourselves for missing out on that sale. During our last Outlet Sale, I increased my sales by 3 times more than I had ever done during any previous Outlet Sale, and I’m going to share what I did to acheive that!

We know an Outlet Sale is coming this month. We haven’t been told the dates yet, but we know from previous sales they tend to be during the last few days of the month. This means we have time to plan and set some things in motion to help us acheive maximum sales! I’m going to share some tips this week, right here on this blog, to help you get more sales than ever before.

Here’s Tip #1: Set up a Text Marketing Campaign.

Now there are several websites and companies out there that make it super easy to do Text Marketing. There are 2 main companies I use and I like because it has a free account option. I also use but they do not have the same text work option that SlickText offers. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to use SlickText!


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If you are currently Inactive with Thirty-One, watch the video below to find out how you can use the Outlet Sale to get started again!

Find Me on YouTube For Something New!

This is FUN!

I have BIG plans for my YouTube Channel and you are gonna want to join in! I’m doing weekly LIVE videos, sharing Thirty-One, how I use our products, and tons of other fun stuff! I am so excited! My first TOTE-ally Live with Jenna segment was tonight and it was a blast!! I love how clear and glitch-free the video is too! Check it out below, then head over to my Channel and hit SUBSCRIBE to get notifications when I go LIVE!!


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Reach Beyond Facebook with Your Live Video

I had a light bulb moment while thinking about the live video presentation I would be doing for a Facebook Party. What if I could reach beyond Facebook with that video!? I needed a way for my hostess to share her party video with anyone, even if they weren’t on Facebook! The answer: YouTube!

I have a new Facebook Party format, I am treating it very much like a Home Party. The Live portion, is just like a Home Party Presentation. I stand up, in front of the products, and I talk. I have a training event that I shared all this info in. You should be able to find it all on my Facebook Page under Events.

How I Did It!

I did the Live video in the Facebook Event as usual. After the video, I went back and downloaded it and then uploaded it to YouTube. I also had the idea of putting all the party info, just like in the Event Description, in the video description on YouTube! This gives them the shopping link, catalog link and more right there with the video! I also made a fun graphic for the custom thumbnail, showing the hostess’s name. I created the graphic using, the custom size should be 1280×720 The video below walks you through the steps to get your video uploaded onto YouTube.


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FREE Facebook Party Training!

You will find the party posts right here –>  FB Live Party Script

LIVE Video is on the bottom of page!

I recently had a friend share her idea of a 2 Day Facebook Party with me. I loved it! So many parties are lasting longer and longer and people are just plain tired of it! I want to make Facebook Parties fun, fast, and simple again! The set up is super easy! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create your event, personalize it with a fun banner and add a description
  2. Create a post about yourself, add 2-3 pre party posts. These are posts that will already be there when the hostess and her friends start joining.
  3. Invite the hostess and have her invite her friends.
  4. Day 1 of the Party (this is the day after steps 1-3) Post 5-6 times throughout the day
  5. Day 2 of the Party, share some more posts and let them know about the LIVE event that will be happening that evening!
  6. Go LIVE at your set time! This is the fun part! Be yourself! Have fun! Don’t worry about everything being perfect! Let them see YOU and it will be perfect!
  7. Post a Thank You post and let them know you will be around to answer questions.
  8. Next day, party wrap up, answer any questions, share your VIP group.
  9. Once the party ships, post in the event again! Build that excitement!

I am currently Hosting a Free Facebook Party Training on my Facebook Page. Anyone can join and you can invite your friends! This will be a Mock Facebook Party and will look just like a party for my hostess. The party posts will start on the 13th. Once the party posts are over, feel free to ask any questions you have, I will do a live Q&A as well. Click Here to Join the Event!

Here is the LIVE video from the Event. It is a bit choppy in places but the audio is good. So just hang in there through the choppy parts, it gets better!

How Facebook is Making You Feel Lonely.

As a mom to young children, Facebook seems like the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family. It can be great, but certainly shouldn’t replace the interaction we all need with each other. I’ve noticed a shift in what we consider being ‘social’ and Facebook is far from it. This weekend, I made some harsh realizations that Facebook was making me feel lonely and I bet you feel the same way!

Have you ever posted a picture or funny post and then waited for the response of your friends? Have you ever checked your newsfeed and found friends out having fun, while you had screaming kids in the other room? When was the last time you saw your friend face to face, NOT over Skype or talking through text? If you are like me, this has become your reality. Why are we isolating ourselves from each other? Why are we sitting at home afraid to have friends over because the house is a mess, our kids are wild, or you haven’t washed your hair in 2 days?

This weekend, I posted something on Facebook. It didn’t receive the amount of comments/likes I felt it should and I found myself feeling sad about it. Then I thought, wait! This is making me sad? That people didn’t comment on a post? Is this really my life now, I’m letting others decide how I feel about myself based on the response I receive on a Facebook post? Oh gosh, this is wrong!

When I joined Thirty-One, my goal was to get out of the house, meet new ladies, and have adult conversations. As a stay at home mom with 3 little ones, I needed the interaction with others. I wasn’t on Facebook at the time but soon I joined. Over the past couple of years, I have seen a shift in my business and what my hostesses request. More and more people want Online parties. But why? Don’t you want to see your friends? I think the reason so many are shying away from getting together in person is the feeling of inadequacy. We think that everyone else has a perfect life and ours is the only one that is a mess. That our kids are the only ones acting like animals in the frozen food isle of the grocery store. That our kid is the only one who can’t pick up their room because their legs are too tired. But this isn’t true! All of our kids act like that, we just don’t put that on Facebook. We put the cute picture with their hair just right. The one where they are all smiling. The shot that doesn’t show the pile of clothes in the corner that needs to be folded.

My goal remains the same, I want to get out of the house, away from the kids (so do you!) and enjoy actual real life friendships again! I’m on a mission to bring women together, in person! STOP worrying about what others think, your friends will love you no matter how wild your kids are 😉 STOP comparing your life to those pictures on Facebook! STOP thinking everyone else has something you don’t! CALL your friend! MEET her for lunch! Complain about the kids and LAUGH because when you share that story about how your child drove you to the brink of insanity last night, I promise she will laugh because the same thing happened to her last week. We are all dealing with the same issues and struggles, we just need to share them with each other and stop acting like everything is perfect. Because no one has a perfect life, I promise.

I’m not going to sit at home and feel lonely anymore. I’m not letting Facebook decide how I feel about myself today. I’m getting myself together and taking these wild kids out in public. I’m meeting with friends and enjoying talking with adults in person, without checking my phone! And I’m going to laugh the next time one of my kids thinks the Post Office is their personal playground. One day we will miss these days but only if we let them happen first.

Mystery Hostess – How To!

What is a Mystery Hostess Party?

A Mystery Hostess Party is a great way to fill in your month with an extra party! It’s exactly what it sounds like, a party where no one knows who the hostess will be! These are really great to hold in your VIP Facebook Group or with a group of ladies that have hosted several parties and may not be ready to host another but want to shop! There are a couple of ways you can award the benefits, the breakdown of each can be found below.

Closeup portrait of a woman using smartphone

When you have several ladies wanting to order, a fun way to submit the orders is a Mystery Hostess Party! Each shopper gets ‘entries’ for purchasing. I like to do one entry per $35 spent. So if they spend $70, they get 2 chances to win. It’s pretty popular amoung my VIPs and they get excited about it! The easiest way, especially if everyone isn’t local to you, is to let one shopper win all the benefits. Then she becomes the Hostess and can pick the Free, Half Price, Hostess Exclusive, and Hostess Special is available. The other option is to break the benefits up over several shoppers. This can be great if you want to reward more than one lady but if everyone is not local, it can become a hassel. Because of this, I prefer the first option.

First you want to create a party in your Back Office, put Mystery Hostess Party as the Party Name. Go ahead and put yourself as the Hostess for now, you can change that later once you have chosen a winner. I allow no more than one week for orders. Save the image above and post it along with the link to the party in your Closed VIP Facebook Group! Let them know how many enteries they will receive when they shop and what you will be giving away! You can also do this as event if you prefer. From there I treat it like a Facebook Party and post a little each day about our amazing products and why everyone needs them in their life! If you have anyone not in your group that you think would like to shop, let them know too!

Once all the orders are in and the week is up, put all the names in a bin, the Littles or Your Way Bin work great!, and draw one! I like to do this on a LIVE video! It’s fun and exciting, be sure and let everyone know when you will be going live with the drawing!

You have a winner!! Now what? Well message her right away! Based on the sales of the party, let her know what her benefits will be. Set a time frame that you need her hostess order by, give her no more than 24 hours. Remember, all those other ladies are waiting on their orders, you don’t want to drag it out! Be sure to change the Hostess info on the party so that her order ships right to her!

You can also create a Share Campaign for your customer to share the party! Watch this video to learn more about Campaigns and using Mad Mimi for your business.

How they can earn entries:

1 for every $35 spent

3 for sharing the party with a friend that orders

5 for hosting a party in March

10 for joining your team