A New Way to Party Online!

There’s a new way to party online! I have been hearing about a new website for online parties, My Online Party. Tonight, I had a chance to check it out and I can not wait to have a party over there!! I’m so excited that I am hosting the first one….next week!!


Password: partywithjenna

This new website has some amazing features that I would love to share with you! Join the Party to help me test it out!! Password to enter the party is partywithjenna I will be sharing all the ways YOU can use this new tool as well as some pretty awesome features that even Facebook can’t offer you! I will be LIVE right on that party page on Monday the 5th at 8pm CST and will be able to answer any questions you have. Don’t miss this fun look at a brand new way you can party online!


Basic Steps to Create Your Brand

There are a few basic steps to getting started with branding yourself. I wrote a blog a while back that explains why you should be branding yourself and if you haven’t read it, you can find it {here}  This week in our Graphics Training 101 event, I will be sharing easy ways you can create your brand. Check out the event, join it, and follow along!

First off, YOU are your brand! Not your company! YOU are the reason your customers continue coming to you for Thirty-One, or whatever products you sell. They could find those items from someone else but they come to you. Your company is the vehicle for your business but YOU are the driver! You are in control and you want to market yourself, not solely your company. Now that we have established that, we can get to the real steps to creating your brand!

Step 1:

Take a cute head shot and use it everywhere! Across all social media sites, on labels, put it in your emails, on your website, everywhere! This way, your customers know your face and recognize you on all pieces of correspondence they receive from you. It doesn’t have to be professional, I will help you make it look more professional later in the training. Once you have decided on a photo, put it in a file on your computer titled, Headshot. Now you can easily find it!

Step 2:

Decide on a color scheme. This was the hardest part for me. I played around with Adobe Color wheel for a while and then took a different route. I like clean looking images and love black and white. So black and white are 2 of my colors. I also like that Thirty-One pink, so it naturally became one of my colors. (It’s color code e11580 if you were wondering) And then I took the navy blue from the top in my head shot as an accent to the pink. This way, my picture and color scheme go well together. Don’t overthink it, just find a couple of colors and stick with them.

Step 3:

If possible, purchase a URL from GoDaddy. The easiest way to select your URL is to use your name. This of course will be easy for your customers to remember and usually they are not common enough to cost a lot of money through GoDaddy. If you have a hard to spell name or unusual name, you can use something else that is catchy. Mine is kind of long but easy to remember. It’s MommaNeedsaNewBag.com Notice how I put a capital letter at the beginning of each word. I do that whenever I type it, that makes it easy to read and separate the words. In the set up of your website, you can select to have it forwarded to your replicated website. That is how you need to set it up.

Step 4:

I love fonts, so I tend to check them out anyway. Once I found a couple that I really like and wanted to use, I made them part of my brand. I use the same 2 fonts in all of my graphics and images that I create for my business. You can easily download free fonts on dafont.com and other free sites. You can also find fonts on Pinterest. I have a Pinterest Board full of fonts and combos that are great for each other. If you are unsure of what you should do, jump on Pinterest, search for fonts, and find some you like.

These four steps will get you ready for the rest of this week and the tips I will be giving you in our graphics training event. I look forward to helping you learn how easy creating graphics can be and how they will set you apart in your Thirty-One Business!




TOTE-ally Live Thursday!

I am SO excited about a new segment I will be doing every Thursday on my page! Every Thursday, at 8pm CST, I will be LIVE right on Facebook for a quick 10-15 minute segment! I’ll be sharing different things, fun stuff like Thirty-One hacks, a closer look at a product, gift ideas, and maybe even some sneak peeks!! It’s going to be fantastic! I’ll even take requests for certain products! I hope you take a moment to LIKE my page and get Live Video updates!! First TOTE-ally Live Thursday will be June 1st @ 8pm CST!



Using the Shop Tab with your Facebook Parties

How are you using this feature?

I’ve had this question a lot lately, ever since I shared this option and my excitement about it. I wanted share it with y’all here!

The more I play with and set up my Shop Tab, the more I love it! The first thing I love about it, is the ease in which they can check out each item and the patterns it’s available in. Yes I know they can do this on my website, but will they? I don’t know, it’s easy on Facebook to flip through some images and I think they will be likely to do it then to go search for something on my website.

Then I found the Tag feature! Hello Game Changer! Check out this quick video then I will explain more how I am using this in my Facebook Parties!

So why is tagging your products so important?! Let me explain. I am hosting a Facebook Party on my Business Page right now. It’s the first time I’ve done this so I am not sure how it will play out. Since finding this feature, I think I will be doing it more often though! And tagging products is why! Check this out, I post a fun bundle image on my business page or public event hosted by my page. I can then tag those items making it so super easy for them to find the products and purchase them! It’s a customer service! The easier it is to shop, the more likely they will be to do it! Here’s an example of what a bundle image looks like with tagged products in the newsfeed of my page.


The ‘Click for Details’ tag at the top of the image will be on any image that has tagged products. That let’s them know that they can learn more about those products when they click on the image. Also, along the bottom, it shows them what products are shown in the image with their cost! I love that! Then if they click on one of those, it takes them to that product, with each pattern, right in my ‘Shop’ on Facebook. Then one more click and they are on my website, on that product! It’s SO easy!

Still don’t have a Business Page? Now is your time to start setting it up! There are so many reasons why! Here’s another post from a while back that has even more Business Page info –> Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!


Amazing Updates for Your Facebook Business Page!

This is Huge!!

I am so excited about some of the updates and options I have found for my Facebook Business Page! The other day, I made a video on how you can link your Business Page to your VIP Group. I’ll share it below too, cause it’s awesome! But this Shop Tab is a GAME CHANGER! This will greatly impact the ease in which your guests can shop during a Facebook Party!

By adding the Shop Tab to your Business Page and creating albums (Facebook calls them Collections), you can link each product to your website for ordering! It’s basically the coolest thing ever! Check it out here!

Don’t forget to link your page and group so that your customers can find you everywhere! Once you have it linked, you will have to change it back to you for posting in your group. Simply click on the picture of your profile in the top right hand corner of the commenting box. This will let you select if you want to post as your page or yourself.


Your Best ‘YES’

Maybe you have heard this saying before, maybe not. I was recently told that in order to give my best Yes, I need to say No sometimes. Meaning, if you spread yourself too thin, you aren’t giving anyone or any project, the best yes! It’s true in all aspects of your life, including your business!

This morning, I was watching a Live video on Facebook from Carrie Wilkerson (she is fantastic, go ‘Like’ her!) and she said something that reminded me of this saying. During the Q&A portion of her video, someone asked if she thought it was important to be on every Social Media Platform with your business. Her response, in a nutshell, was find what works best for you, what you are most comfortable with, and give it your best YES!


For example, I like and understand Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. These are platforms that I am on during my regular day and I am completely comfortable using them. I’m also on Instagram but really not as often. Twitter and Snapchat, not at all, I don’t understand them and really just don’t have a desire to. But that’s ok, I give Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest my best Yes! Instead of spreading myself too thin, trying to do everything everyone else is doing, I am true to myself and work with what I know and like.

Another way to look at how you can give your business your best Yes, is by only taking on a project you can follow through with and knowing your limits. Remember, that your journey is different than everyone else’s. You don’t have to try every idea, offer every special, or give away the farm. This is your business and no one else’s! Give it your best YES, treat it like a business, and watch it grow!


The Five Friends Party

We all have those customers that aren’t real big on hosting a party, but they love Thirty-One! I have a super fun way they can share their love of Thirty-One with their friends, and get their Large Utility Tote for $10! It’s the Five Friends Party and it’s super easy!

All they need to do is share the amazing special with some friends through bundles. I put together a few bundles that all include the Large Utility Tote or Stand Tall Insert at the special price. When they have 5 friends buy a bundle, they can get their Large Utility Tote for $10! Or use their $25 credit on anything else they want, plus get a Hostess Exclusive! I will be setting up a Shopping Link (creating a party in my back office) for them to easily share, sending them the image below to text, email, post, or message to their friends, and sending them the digital catalog link for shopping their benefits. It’s a fast and easy party! Five bundles at $45 each, will be $225 in sales and qualify for benefits. Of course, they may end up selling more with this great special! By breaking it down in such an easy way, you may get some new hostesses out of it! Give it a shot, post a fun video in your group explaining how it works and share the image below. Be sure to add your website info to the blank spot!





The Outlet Sale is Over! Now What?!

Hopefully you worked the Outlet Sale like never before and had amazing results! Chances are, you have NEW customers from the sale. Shoppers that have never shopped with you before, they could be friends, family, or even someone you don’t know. We don’t want the Outlet Sale to be the only time they shop with us! It’s not really the same, but I think of Outlet Sale customers kind of the same as Cash and Carry Customers. They tend to be one time shoppers and that’s it. Of course, your regulars shopped, you know them and are in contact with them on a regular basis. Don’t let those first time customers get lost in the crowd.

Here’s my final Outlet Sale tip!

I have a follow up system, you may have read about it in my post, The Power of a Postcard. I take it a bit farther with Outlet Sale orders. I send a thank you card with a short note. Last sale, I included a coupon with each card. This coupon (pictured below) gives them $5 off their next order of $35 or more. I ordered this coupon on Etsy from TheDigitalMama, she does beautiful work and has several color options to choose from.


I think it’s great that we have such an amazing special right after the sale! Who could pass up getting a Large Utility Tote for $5 when they spend $35?! This is going to be super enticing for those first time shoppers! I know for a fact that I have secured at least 3-5 customers through the coupons I sent after the last Outlet Sale. They were first time shoppers with me then, used the coupon, and now they are shopping more and more. A couple of them shopped this sale as well! Last sale, I did put an expiration date, I gave them one month to use it.

Did I worry about everyone wanting to use the coupon and the amount I would be out of pocket? Yes, I did actually! But then I did the math. This sale I had about 25 individual orders. If every one of those shoppers used the coupon, that’s $125 out of pocket! And if every one of those shoppers spend the bare minimum of $35, that’s over $800 in sales! I decided to take the chance and send the coupons. Of course they didn’t all use the coupon, but they all received it and had the option. That goes a long way!


Vendor Event Set Up: How to Stand Out!

Vendor Events are crucial to the success of a Direct Sales business. One new customer can snowball into 100 in a matter of months! Which means, even a small event can make a huge difference in your business. Having a booth space that stands out from the crowd is important too. A pretty place is inviting and will draw the attendees to your area. Below I have some great tips on how to make your booth stand out from the crowd.


As with anything else, being organized is super helpful. When you know where your stuff is, it’s easy to get ready, set up, and put away. I created a ‘Vendor Tote’ that I keep all of my supplies in. The things I use to decorate, and enhance my space. These items stay packed and ready all the time. I use a Littles Carry All Caddy to hold my small stuff, pens, clips, small signs, ribbon, etc. I also have an older item we don’t offer anymore, the Your Way Jr Cube in a Large Utility Tote, it has the Littles in it along with my containers, small stands, and Mini Catalog Holder. Then the rest of the Large Utility Tote is filled with extra tableclothes, bigger signs, decoration items, and a small plastic caddy I found at Wal-Mart. I keep extra supplies in it, like Mini Catalogs, pens, information slips, and extra candy. I keep that stocked all the time and restock after a busy event. Here’s a look at all those in action!


Now is the time to create your Vendor Tote! You can get a Large Utility Tote for $10 when you spend $35! That’s an awesome deal!

So you are ready to set up! Now what? That’s how I usually feel too, and I like to give myself plenty of time so that I can fiddle around with everything and get it just how I like. Like I said earlier, no matter if it’s a large event or a small one, it can have a huge impact on your business. So treat them all the same! Let’s look at a small event set up, this is an event where you can only have one 6 foot table. You can still make your spot pop with a few extra details!


When your space is limited, create space going UP! I use a couple of different things on my table to create height in my display. One thing I found that is super cheap and easy to use are locker shelves. I found mine at Target a couple of years ago during back to school time. But I’m sure you can find them other places all year round. Last year, I decided to take my display to a new level. I bought a set of wire storage cubes on Amazon. You can put them together however you like, I usually do a double cube set and a single cube. I also have found that color coordinating your table makes a huge difference in the appreance. I know it’s not always easy to have things that match, but if you can get items that compliment each other, it will make an impact on your display. A color coordinated space is very appealing to the eye and will draw in more customers. Having a cute little helper won’t hurt either 😉

Now let’s take a look at a bigger event! These events, I had a 10×10 space. When I have this big of a spot, I want to fill it up well, you don’t want you booth to look empty! I use one 6 foot table, and 2 shorter tables along the back (I think they are 4 foot each and they are a tad taller). I have even used a small square table for contacts, although my plan is to replace that with a tall round table by the Fall. Here’s the set up!


I know that I have things that need improvement on these displays. I need better tableclothes for one but it’s a work in progress! As you see, I have much more on my tables here. With more tables and space, you can really spot light a lot of products. I try grouping things together still, either by pattern, or use. Again, I have the wire cubes set up for height and you can see the small square table with contact info on it. This is where I have my information for them to take with them, I use chapsticks intead of business cards. It has my information on them just like a card! I buy them from Bulk Apothecary, already filled, and just put labels on them. It’s easy and a lot more fun than a business card (thanks to Melissa Fietsam for that awesome idea!) I also bought some new items for my display this past Fall, I got several little signs, glass jars, and decorative items to pretty up the space. Pretty much everything came from either Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby. I am always picking up something seasonal for my table now. It’s nice to have a little something extra! I also put candy on my table if there is space. It really is the little things that make a big difference!

While I know that buying all these extras at one time might be hard for some, you can start small. Pick up something new here and there, leading up to the Fall. That’s when I do the most Vendor Events and when they tend to be the busiest. Make a plan, get organized (don’t forget to get a Large Utility Tote or two while they are on sale!), and put a smile on your face! The only thing left is for you to get out of your comfort zone, and set up at an event! Remember, it only takes ONE new customer to change your business!

Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

I decided to do a giveaway at the school my kids go to. I wanted to keep it simple and easy. I had an extra Tall Organizing Tote, which is great for teachers, and I filled it with some fun classroom supplies from Dollar Tree. I also included a $15 Target Gift Card and a $5 off coupon from me. I took some quick pictures and made the flier below to leave with it at the school.


I went up to the school, along with some goodies from Gigi’s Cupcakes for the front office ladies, and asked if I could leave it in the teacher’s lounge. They said sure and I was set! Easy as that! Here is my set up!

I went back up at the end of the school day and picked a winner! I didn’t have a lot of entries, but I had new leads and a couple of the ladies said they would be interested in hosting a party! So even if you only get a couple of leads, it’s still fresh contacts and new circles of ladies!

Then I thought, how fun would it be to do a giveaway online as well! So on my Facebook Business Page I created a Tag A Teacher Giveaway. I’ll be running it through Friday and the winner will receive a bag much like the one above. Again, I picked up those items at Dollar Tree, super simple giveaway. You could use any product you have on hand!