Basic Steps to Create Your Brand

There are a few basic steps to getting started with branding yourself. I wrote a blog a while back that explains why you should be branding yourself and if you haven’t read it, you can find it {here}  This week in our Graphics Training 101 event, I will be sharing easy ways you can create your brand. Check out the event, join it, and follow along!

First off, YOU are your brand! Not your company! YOU are the reason your customers continue coming to you for Thirty-One, or whatever products you sell. They could find those items from someone else but they come to you. Your company is the vehicle for your business but YOU are the driver! You are in control and you want to market yourself, not solely your company. Now that we have established that, we can get to the real steps to creating your brand!

Step 1:

Take a cute head shot and use it everywhere! Across all social media sites, on labels, put it in your emails, on your website, everywhere! This way, your customers know your face and recognize you on all pieces of correspondence they receive from you. It doesn’t have to be professional, I will help you make it look more professional later in the training. Once you have decided on a photo, put it in a file on your computer titled, Headshot. Now you can easily find it!

Step 2:

Decide on a color scheme. This was the hardest part for me. I played around with Adobe Color wheel for a while and then took a different route. I like clean looking images and love black and white. So black and white are 2 of my colors. I also like that Thirty-One pink, so it naturally became one of my colors. (It’s color code e11580 if you were wondering) And then I took the navy blue from the top in my head shot as an accent to the pink. This way, my picture and color scheme go well together. Don’t overthink it, just find a couple of colors and stick with them.

Step 3:

If possible, purchase a URL from GoDaddy. The easiest way to select your URL is to use your name. This of course will be easy for your customers to remember and usually they are not common enough to cost a lot of money through GoDaddy. If you have a hard to spell name or unusual name, you can use something else that is catchy. Mine is kind of long but easy to remember. It’s Notice how I put a capital letter at the beginning of each word. I do that whenever I type it, that makes it easy to read and separate the words. In the set up of your website, you can select to have it forwarded to your replicated website. That is how you need to set it up.

Step 4:

I love fonts, so I tend to check them out anyway. Once I found a couple that I really like and wanted to use, I made them part of my brand. I use the same 2 fonts in all of my graphics and images that I create for my business. You can easily download free fonts on and other free sites. You can also find fonts on Pinterest. I have a Pinterest Board full of fonts and combos that are great for each other. If you are unsure of what you should do, jump on Pinterest, search for fonts, and find some you like.

These four steps will get you ready for the rest of this week and the tips I will be giving you in our graphics training event. I look forward to helping you learn how easy creating graphics can be and how they will set you apart in your Thirty-One Business!





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