Using the Shop Tab with your Facebook Parties

How are you using this feature?

I’ve had this question a lot lately, ever since I shared this option and my excitement about it. I wanted share it with y’all here!

The more I play with and set up my Shop Tab, the more I love it! The first thing I love about it, is the ease in which they can check out each item and the patterns it’s available in. Yes I know they can do this on my website, but will they? I don’t know, it’s easy on Facebook to flip through some images and I think they will be likely to do it then to go search for something on my website.

Then I found the Tag feature! Hello Game Changer! Check out this quick video then I will explain more how I am using this in my Facebook Parties!

So why is tagging your products so important?! Let me explain. I am hosting a Facebook Party on my Business Page right now. It’s the first time I’ve done this so I am not sure how it will play out. Since finding this feature, I think I will be doing it more often though! And tagging products is why! Check this out, I post a fun bundle image on my business page or public event hosted by my page. I can then tag those items making it so super easy for them to find the products and purchase them! It’s a customer service! The easier it is to shop, the more likely they will be to do it! Here’s an example of what a bundle image looks like with tagged products in the newsfeed of my page.


The ‘Click for Details’ tag at the top of the image will be on any image that has tagged products. That let’s them know that they can learn more about those products when they click on the image. Also, along the bottom, it shows them what products are shown in the image with their cost! I love that! Then if they click on one of those, it takes them to that product, with each pattern, right in my ‘Shop’ on Facebook. Then one more click and they are on my website, on that product! It’s SO easy!

Still don’t have a Business Page? Now is your time to start setting it up! There are so many reasons why! Here’s another post from a while back that has even more Business Page info –> Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!



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