Your Best ‘YES’

Maybe you have heard this saying before, maybe not. I was recently told that in order to give my best Yes, I need to say No sometimes. Meaning, if you spread yourself too thin, you aren’t giving anyone or any project, the best yes! It’s true in all aspects of your life, including your business!

This morning, I was watching a Live video on Facebook from Carrie Wilkerson (she is fantastic, go ‘Like’ her!) and she said something that reminded me of this saying. During the Q&A portion of her video, someone asked if she thought it was important to be on every Social Media Platform with your business. Her response, in a nutshell, was find what works best for you, what you are most comfortable with, and give it your best YES!


For example, I like and understand Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. These are platforms that I am on during my regular day and I am completely comfortable using them. I’m also on Instagram but really not as often. Twitter and Snapchat, not at all, I don’t understand them and really just don’t have a desire to. But that’s ok, I give Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest my best Yes! Instead of spreading myself too thin, trying to do everything everyone else is doing, I am true to myself and work with what I know and like.

Another way to look at how you can give your business your best Yes, is by only taking on a project you can follow through with and knowing your limits. Remember, that your journey is different than everyone else’s. You don’t have to try every idea, offer every special, or give away the farm. This is your business and no one else’s! Give it your best YES, treat it like a business, and watch it grow!



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