The Five Friends Party

We all have those customers that aren’t real big on hosting a party, but they love Thirty-One! I have a super fun way they can share their love of Thirty-One with their friends, and get their Large Utility Tote for $10! It’s the Five Friends Party and it’s super easy!

All they need to do is share the amazing special with some friends through bundles. I put together a few bundles that all include the Large Utility Tote or Stand Tall Insert at the special price. When they have 5 friends buy a bundle, they can get their Large Utility Tote for $10! Or use their $25 credit on anything else they want, plus get a Hostess Exclusive! I will be setting up a Shopping Link (creating a party in my back office) for them to easily share, sending them the image below to text, email, post, or message to their friends, and sending them the digital catalog link for shopping their benefits. It’s a fast and easy party! Five bundles at $45 each, will be $225 in sales and qualify for benefits. Of course, they may end up selling more with this great special! By breaking it down in such an easy way, you may get some new hostesses out of it! Give it a shot, post a fun video in your group explaining how it works and share the image below. Be sure to add your website info to the blank spot!






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