The Outlet Sale is Over! Now What?!

Hopefully you worked the Outlet Sale like never before and had amazing results! Chances are, you have NEW customers from the sale. Shoppers that have never shopped with you before, they could be friends, family, or even someone you don’t know. We don’t want the Outlet Sale to be the only time they shop with us! It’s not really the same, but I think of Outlet Sale customers kind of the same as Cash and Carry Customers. They tend to be one time shoppers and that’s it. Of course, your regulars shopped, you know them and are in contact with them on a regular basis. Don’t let those first time customers get lost in the crowd.

Here’s my final Outlet Sale tip!

I have a follow up system, you may have read about it in my post, The Power of a Postcard. I take it a bit farther with Outlet Sale orders. I send a thank you card with a short note. Last sale, I included a coupon with each card. This coupon (pictured below) gives them $5 off their next order of $35 or more. I ordered this coupon on Etsy from TheDigitalMama, she does beautiful work and has several color options to choose from.


I think it’s great that we have such an amazing special right after the sale! Who could pass up getting a Large Utility Tote for $5 when they spend $35?! This is going to be super enticing for those first time shoppers! I know for a fact that I have secured at least 3-5 customers through the coupons I sent after the last Outlet Sale. They were first time shoppers with me then, used the coupon, and now they are shopping more and more. A couple of them shopped this sale as well! Last sale, I did put an expiration date, I gave them one month to use it.

Did I worry about everyone wanting to use the coupon and the amount I would be out of pocket? Yes, I did actually! But then I did the math. This sale I had about 25 individual orders. If every one of those shoppers used the coupon, that’s $125 out of pocket! And if every one of those shoppers spend the bare minimum of $35, that’s over $800 in sales! I decided to take the chance and send the coupons. Of course they didn’t all use the coupon, but they all received it and had the option. That goes a long way!



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