Vendor Event Set Up: How to Stand Out!

Vendor Events are crucial to the success of a Direct Sales business. One new customer can snowball into 100 in a matter of months! Which means, even a small event can make a huge difference in your business. Having a booth space that stands out from the crowd is important too. A pretty place is inviting and will draw the attendees to your area. Below I have some great tips on how to make your booth stand out from the crowd.


As with anything else, being organized is super helpful. When you know where your stuff is, it’s easy to get ready, set up, and put away. I created a ‘Vendor Tote’ that I keep all of my supplies in. The things I use to decorate, and enhance my space. These items stay packed and ready all the time. I use a Littles Carry All Caddy to hold my small stuff, pens, clips, small signs, ribbon, etc. I also have an older item we don’t offer anymore, the Your Way Jr Cube in a Large Utility Tote, it has the Littles in it along with my containers, small stands, and Mini Catalog Holder. Then the rest of the Large Utility Tote is filled with extra tableclothes, bigger signs, decoration items, and a small plastic caddy I found at Wal-Mart. I keep extra supplies in it, like Mini Catalogs, pens, information slips, and extra candy. I keep that stocked all the time and restock after a busy event. Here’s a look at all those in action!


Now is the time to create your Vendor Tote! You can get a Large Utility Tote for $10 when you spend $35! That’s an awesome deal!

So you are ready to set up! Now what? That’s how I usually feel too, and I like to give myself plenty of time so that I can fiddle around with everything and get it just how I like. Like I said earlier, no matter if it’s a large event or a small one, it can have a huge impact on your business. So treat them all the same! Let’s look at a small event set up, this is an event where you can only have one 6 foot table. You can still make your spot pop with a few extra details!


When your space is limited, create space going UP! I use a couple of different things on my table to create height in my display. One thing I found that is super cheap and easy to use are locker shelves. I found mine at Target a couple of years ago during back to school time. But I’m sure you can find them other places all year round. Last year, I decided to take my display to a new level. I bought a set of wire storage cubes on Amazon. You can put them together however you like, I usually do a double cube set and a single cube. I also have found that color coordinating your table makes a huge difference in the appreance. I know it’s not always easy to have things that match, but if you can get items that compliment each other, it will make an impact on your display. A color coordinated space is very appealing to the eye and will draw in more customers. Having a cute little helper won’t hurt either 😉

Now let’s take a look at a bigger event! These events, I had a 10×10 space. When I have this big of a spot, I want to fill it up well, you don’t want you booth to look empty! I use one 6 foot table, and 2 shorter tables along the back (I think they are 4 foot each and they are a tad taller). I have even used a small square table for contacts, although my plan is to replace that with a tall round table by the Fall. Here’s the set up!


I know that I have things that need improvement on these displays. I need better tableclothes for one but it’s a work in progress! As you see, I have much more on my tables here. With more tables and space, you can really spot light a lot of products. I try grouping things together still, either by pattern, or use. Again, I have the wire cubes set up for height and you can see the small square table with contact info on it. This is where I have my information for them to take with them, I use chapsticks intead of business cards. It has my information on them just like a card! I buy them from Bulk Apothecary, already filled, and just put labels on them. It’s easy and a lot more fun than a business card (thanks to Melissa Fietsam for that awesome idea!) I also bought some new items for my display this past Fall, I got several little signs, glass jars, and decorative items to pretty up the space. Pretty much everything came from either Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby. I am always picking up something seasonal for my table now. It’s nice to have a little something extra! I also put candy on my table if there is space. It really is the little things that make a big difference!

While I know that buying all these extras at one time might be hard for some, you can start small. Pick up something new here and there, leading up to the Fall. That’s when I do the most Vendor Events and when they tend to be the busiest. Make a plan, get organized (don’t forget to get a Large Utility Tote or two while they are on sale!), and put a smile on your face! The only thing left is for you to get out of your comfort zone, and set up at an event! Remember, it only takes ONE new customer to change your business!


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