Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

I decided to do a giveaway at the school my kids go to. I wanted to keep it simple and easy. I had an extra Tall Organizing Tote, which is great for teachers, and I filled it with some fun classroom supplies from Dollar Tree. I also included a $15 Target Gift Card and a $5 off coupon from me. I took some quick pictures and made the flier below to leave with it at the school.


I went up to the school, along with some goodies from Gigi’s Cupcakes for the front office ladies, and asked if I could leave it in the teacher’s lounge. They said sure and I was set! Easy as that! Here is my set up!

I went back up at the end of the school day and picked a winner! I didn’t have a lot of entries, but I had new leads and a couple of the ladies said they would be interested in hosting a party! So even if you only get a couple of leads, it’s still fresh contacts and new circles of ladies!

Then I thought, how fun would it be to do a giveaway online as well! So on my Facebook Business Page I created a Tag A Teacher Giveaway. I’ll be running it through Friday and the winner will receive a bag much like the one above. Again, I picked up those items at Dollar Tree, super simple giveaway. You could use any product you have on hand!




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