Your Direct Sales Mobile Office

Are you Open for Business every where you go? In the Direct Sales world, it could be the difference between struggling and thriving in your business. When you are OPEN, you have everything you need to share your business with new contacts.

Here’s an example:

I sell Thirty-One, and I’m carrying my Large Utility Tote to the store for groceries. While loading up my car with my cute totes, a lady stops and compliments my organizing skills. She asks where I got my bags.

If I am open for business, I am ready to share Thirty-One with her by offering a mini catalog, business card, and possibly a quick convo about how fun all of our products are.

If I am not open for business, I am rushed, don’t have anything to give her about Thirty-One, and I probably just lost a potential customer.

Laptop with blank screen on table.

This is where a Mobile Office comes in! I have tried lots of different products to keep business info in my car. My favorite product had been discontinued which made it hard for me to share with new team members or Direct Sales friends. And then Thirty-One released the Fold-Up Family Organizer! It’s the perfect solution to having info on you all the time! Of course you should keep business cards or something small in your purse too, but I have been stopped in parking lots more than in a store. If you have a decal or sticker of any kind, advertising your business on your vehicle, you better have info in that vehicle!

Check out how I have my Mobile Office set up!

This super simple set up is easy to keep up with, and if it’s easy, you are more likely to follow through with it. That’s what I love about it, I will follow through with this plan!

In it I have some pens, order forms, monthly special flier, mini catalogs, chapsticks (I use those instead of business cards), a notebook for jotting down info, and a couple of coupons. Everything I need to quickly share Thirty-One, take an order on the go, write down a new contacts info, or pass out my info. Everything else I could need for my business is available on my phone or through the My Thirty-One App.

Carry/use your products. Have info on you all the time. Share your products and info with others. Keep it simple.


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