Offer Your Services to Your DS Friends!

The Large Utility Tote special is one of the top specials of the year. The reason is obvious, the LUT is our top product! Consider those that need more LUTs when reaching out to others about this special. One great thing about our products, is how helpful they are to other Direct Sales Consultants. I’m hosting an event for my Direct Sales friends, I’ll be offering some great tips on staying organized, carrying and storing their products, and offering some discounts to them as well. This event will be hosted on my public business page, making it super easy for them to share with their friends, teams, and anyone! You are welcome to join and watch the event and what I do. Please do not comment with a question regarding how I am doing something on a post in this event. This event is an actual event for my customers. If you have a question, you are welcome to message me or comment in a Thirty-One group post.


One important thing to remember if you decide to host an event like this, Don’t just try to sell your products to them. Offer real solutions for their business, tips to stay organized, how to find vendor shows, marketing their business, ideas that aren’t just around the products you sell. This will make your event helpful and not just a selling event.


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