Live Bingo on Facebook! Huge Fun!

Bingo using Facebook Live!

I’ve been wanting to try a pay-to-play Bingo on Facebook for a while but wasn’t sure how it would all work. One day, it finally came to me and I put it together! Here’s a quick run down of how I set up the event, received payments, sent cards, and ran the actual Bingo game!

I set the event up on my Business Page, this makes it public and totally shareable by anyone! Which is awesome because that means your customers can share the event with their friends! I marketed it by including it in an email I sent to my customer base, posting about it in my VIP Group, and actually sending invites to some ladies. I started the event a little over a week prior to the actual game night. In the future, I would do at least 2 weeks in advance with probably 3 weeks in advance being ideal. The reason for this is that I mailed out the actual Bingo Cards to each person that bought into the game. Cards are $10 each and are ‘bought’ by purchasing a $10 gift certificate in my back office. This money is then pooled together to fund the jackpot for each round. I did allow them to purchase more than one card if they wanted to and I also offered to take Paypal but everyone was fine with the gift certificate method. This was really what held me up in doing the event for a while, how I would do payments. I love the way it worked out, so super simple, and now the gift certificates are in my back office just waiting to be redeemed by the winners. This works mainly because we are the only ones that have access to the gift certificate number. When a customer purchases a gift certificate, you have to supply them with the number for check out. I am having each winner message me their order.

Along with the Bingo Card, I mailed a Summer Style Guide and an Instant Win Ticket. These are just raffle tickets that I sent everyone, during the game I drew 3 names and gave away small prizes that I already had on hand. Also a great idea, 3 ladies that did not win Bingo still received a prize valued at $10 or more, the same amount they paid to play. Leading up to the night of the event, I did post a couple of times with reminders to get their cards bought if they wanted to play, and a couple of FAQ Videos. Being my first event, I wanted to make sure everyone knew how it would work. Here is the first FAQ video I posted.

I also did a live Q&A video in the event to just get a chance to talk with them. Sometimes people need to hear you explain how it will work. Once I did the video below, I had several ladies join.

Then, on the night of the event, we played BINGO LIVE on Facebook! It was a lot of fun (even though I had some computer issues!) and the ladies enjoyed it! I had 7 participants with a pot of $100. We did 2 rounds of Bingo with 2 ladies winning $50 each, they were ecstatic! Plus the 3 Instant Winners! My kids wanted to help and I thought why not! It was a little hairy at times, you know how it is when you are trying to do something with your kids, lol. But for the most part, I consider it a complete success and I am already thinking about the next event! The video below shows a couple of minutes of an actual Bingo round we played.

This would be a great event to host in your VIP Group to get interaction up! So if you don’t have a business page, don’t think you can’t play Bingo on Facebook! I would not recomment it for a party event online, at least not this form. I have played another form of Bingo in my parties. You can find out about that here -> The Pyschology of Thirty-One Bingo

**Please Note: I do not need legal advice regarding Bingo. I have done my research and if you want to do research for your state prior to playing, please do. But do not use my post or blog to try to ‘educate’ others. We are all adults and can make our own decisions. Thank you.


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