Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!

Until recently, Thirty-One did not allow their Consultants to have Business Pages, or Like Pages, on Facebook. They have since updated the Consultant Guidelines, and we can now have a Business Page! This is really exciting, they are public and make it really easy for your customers to share info for you! That is what I love using my page for and have made a video below explaining how I use my page. I also do a pretty quick walk through on setting up your page.  I am not saying that VIP Groups are unnecessary, they are great ways to stay in contact with your best customers. Groups tend to have higher ‘view’ rates and your members can set their notifications to receive info every time you post.

Here are a few of the things I use my page for:

  1. Share posts for my Hostesses
  2. Photo Albums for my Facebook Parties
  3. Public Events – the Outlet Sale!! (this is why you want to start working on it now!)
  4. Some more fun stuff I’ll be sharing tomorrow! 😉

Check out the video below to see how to set up a Business Page, what I have on mine, and how you can use it for the Outlet Sale!

One of my favorite things I’m doing on Facebook right now are parties! Pretty weird since that wasn’t my favorite things a couple of months ago. But I totally revamped my party and love it! I am considering hosting a Facebook Party on my page but I haven’t done that just yet. If you would like to see how I am doing a Live Facebook party, you can check out this post -> FREE Facebook Party Training!



9 thoughts on “Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!

  1. About the page type – I was told we couldn’t set up a local business page, but that it had to be a Public Figure page – I’d LOVE to change mine to local business if it is allowed.


    • Well I’m not sure if it changed or not. I followed an upper level leaders lead on this one honestly. Did CAGS tell you that you couldn’t have a local business page?


      • I had mine set up that way and another consultant told me it was wrong, pointing to the guidebook, page 50 and 53. I changed mine because I didn’t want her to report me and I was brand new (I’m still pretty new) I’d really prefer to have a business page instead of business person, if allowed!


  2. I wouldn’t listen to a random person that messaged me about what they think I’m doing wrong, first off. If CAGS contacts you, then listen. They aren’t going to be mad at you. I did just go back and re read the guidebook where you mentioned. And really they call it a public figure page and a business page all in the same sentence. I think they are using the word loosely. Plus, Thirty-One asks that we follow Facebook’s guidelines as well and I don’t feel I am a public figure. Facebook defines that page as being used for a celebrity or artist. I’m neither of those, what I am is a business and that is how my customers see and know me. I feel like a public figure page does not properly fit me and therefore I use a local business page.


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