New Tool For Facebook Live Interaction!

There is a new website to help you create fun, professional, and interactive Facebook Live videos! It’s and it’s totally free! You connect BeLive to your Facebook Business Page and then use their website to go live on Facebook. You can go live on your own timeline, a page you manage, a group you manage, an event, or even just do a test video that doesn’t post. Some of the fun features include a banner with info across the bottom of the screen, comments that show on the screen, and more! It’s really a neat tool that I have had a great time playing with the last 2 days! I made the quick video below to give you a walk through of getting started, going live, and on screen comments.

My favorite feature of is the Scheduled Live Video! You can actually set a scheduled video and it shares that you will be live with your event or group! The guests or members can then request a reminder and BeLive will let them know you will be going live soon! It’s really cool and a fantastic tool for Facebook Parties! This can be a game changer! Here’s how the Scheduled Live Video will look in your event/group.


Be sure to join the FREE Facebook Party Training! set for this week! I will be going over some really great ways you can make your Facebook Party stand out from the others!


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