FREE Facebook Party Training!

You will find the party posts right here –>  FB Live Party Script

LIVE Video is on the bottom of page!

I recently had a friend share her idea of a 2 Day Facebook Party with me. I loved it! So many parties are lasting longer and longer and people are just plain tired of it! I want to make Facebook Parties fun, fast, and simple again! The set up is super easy! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create your event, personalize it with a fun banner and add a description
  2. Create a post about yourself, add 2-3 pre party posts. These are posts that will already be there when the hostess and her friends start joining.
  3. Invite the hostess and have her invite her friends.
  4. Day 1 of the Party (this is the day after steps 1-3) Post 5-6 times throughout the day
  5. Day 2 of the Party, share some more posts and let them know about the LIVE event that will be happening that evening!
  6. Go LIVE at your set time! This is the fun part! Be yourself! Have fun! Don’t worry about everything being perfect! Let them see YOU and it will be perfect!
  7. Post a Thank You post and let them know you will be around to answer questions.
  8. Next day, party wrap up, answer any questions, share your VIP group.
  9. Once the party ships, post in the event again! Build that excitement!

I am currently Hosting a Free Facebook Party Training on my Facebook Page. Anyone can join and you can invite your friends! This will be a Mock Facebook Party and will look just like a party for my hostess. The party posts will start on the 13th. Once the party posts are over, feel free to ask any questions you have, I will do a live Q&A as well. Click Here to Join the Event!

Here is the LIVE video from the Event. It is a bit choppy in places but the audio is good. So just hang in there through the choppy parts, it gets better!


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