How Facebook is Making You Feel Lonely.

As a mom to young children, Facebook seems like the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family. It can be great, but certainly shouldn’t replace the interaction we all need with each other. I’ve noticed a shift in what we consider being ‘social’ and Facebook is far from it. This weekend, I made some harsh realizations that Facebook was making me feel lonely and I bet you feel the same way!

Have you ever posted a picture or funny post and then waited for the response of your friends? Have you ever checked your newsfeed and found friends out having fun, while you had screaming kids in the other room? When was the last time you saw your friend face to face, NOT over Skype or talking through text? If you are like me, this has become your reality. Why are we isolating ourselves from each other? Why are we sitting at home afraid to have friends over because the house is a mess, our kids are wild, or you haven’t washed your hair in 2 days?

This weekend, I posted something on Facebook. It didn’t receive the amount of comments/likes I felt it should and I found myself feeling sad about it. Then I thought, wait! This is making me sad? That people didn’t comment on a post? Is this really my life now, I’m letting others decide how I feel about myself based on the response I receive on a Facebook post? Oh gosh, this is wrong!

When I joined Thirty-One, my goal was to get out of the house, meet new ladies, and have adult conversations. As a stay at home mom with 3 little ones, I needed the interaction with others. I wasn’t on Facebook at the time but soon I joined. Over the past couple of years, I have seen a shift in my business and what my hostesses request. More and more people want Online parties. But why? Don’t you want to see your friends? I think the reason so many are shying away from getting together in person is the feeling of inadequacy. We think that everyone else has a perfect life and ours is the only one that is a mess. That our kids are the only ones acting like animals in the frozen food isle of the grocery store. That our kid is the only one who can’t pick up their room because their legs are too tired. But this isn’t true! All of our kids act like that, we just don’t put that on Facebook. We put the cute picture with their hair just right. The one where they are all smiling. The shot that doesn’t show the pile of clothes in the corner that needs to be folded.

My goal remains the same, I want to get out of the house, away from the kids (so do you!) and enjoy actual real life friendships again! I’m on a mission to bring women together, in person! STOP worrying about what others think, your friends will love you no matter how wild your kids are 😉 STOP comparing your life to those pictures on Facebook! STOP thinking everyone else has something you don’t! CALL your friend! MEET her for lunch! Complain about the kids and LAUGH because when you share that story about how your child drove you to the brink of insanity last night, I promise she will laugh because the same thing happened to her last week. We are all dealing with the same issues and struggles, we just need to share them with each other and stop acting like everything is perfect. Because no one has a perfect life, I promise.

I’m not going to sit at home and feel lonely anymore. I’m not letting Facebook decide how I feel about myself today. I’m getting myself together and taking these wild kids out in public. I’m meeting with friends and enjoying talking with adults in person, without checking my phone! And I’m going to laugh the next time one of my kids thinks the Post Office is their personal playground. One day we will miss these days but only if we let them happen first.


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