Mystery Hostess – How To!

What is a Mystery Hostess Party?

A Mystery Hostess Party is a great way to fill in your month with an extra party! It’s exactly what it sounds like, a party where no one knows who the hostess will be! These are really great to hold in your VIP Facebook Group or with a group of ladies that have hosted several parties and may not be ready to host another but want to shop! There are a couple of ways you can award the benefits, the breakdown of each can be found below.

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When you have several ladies wanting to order, a fun way to submit the orders is a Mystery Hostess Party! Each shopper gets ‘entries’ for purchasing. I like to do one entry per $35 spent. So if they spend $70, they get 2 chances to win. It’s pretty popular amoung my VIPs and they get excited about it! The easiest way, especially if everyone isn’t local to you, is to let one shopper win all the benefits. Then she becomes the Hostess and can pick the Free, Half Price, Hostess Exclusive, and Hostess Special is available. The other option is to break the benefits up over several shoppers. This can be great if you want to reward more than one lady but if everyone is not local, it can become a hassel. Because of this, I prefer the first option.

First you want to create a party in your Back Office, put Mystery Hostess Party as the Party Name. Go ahead and put yourself as the Hostess for now, you can change that later once you have chosen a winner. I allow no more than one week for orders. Save the image above and post it along with the link to the party in your Closed VIP Facebook Group! Let them know how many enteries they will receive when they shop and what you will be giving away! You can also do this as event if you prefer. From there I treat it like a Facebook Party and post a little each day about our amazing products and why everyone needs them in their life! If you have anyone not in your group that you think would like to shop, let them know too!

Once all the orders are in and the week is up, put all the names in a bin, the Littles or Your Way Bin work great!, and draw one! I like to do this on a LIVE video! It’s fun and exciting, be sure and let everyone know when you will be going live with the drawing!

You have a winner!! Now what? Well message her right away! Based on the sales of the party, let her know what her benefits will be. Set a time frame that you need her hostess order by, give her no more than 24 hours. Remember, all those other ladies are waiting on their orders, you don’t want to drag it out! Be sure to change the Hostess info on the party so that her order ships right to her!

You can also create a Share Campaign for your customer to share the party! Watch this video to learn more about Campaigns and using Mad Mimi for your business.

How they can earn entries:

1 for every $35 spent

3 for sharing the party with a friend that orders

5 for hosting a party in March

10 for joining your team



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