The Pyschology of Thirty-One Bingo

UPDATE!! Spring 2017 board on bottom of post!

I was invited to a Facebook party for another Direct Sales Company. The night before the party, the consultant set up a bingo game for us. She posted a grid of products, told us to pick 5 numbers, and meet back there at 8. It was a lot of fun, as she called each number, she told us about the product! I thought, what a great way to talk about some items and get some interaction. We were all there hoping to win but we were learning about the products as well. I immediately set out to find a Thirty-One Bingo grid for my own parties and decided to set it up in my VIP group today as well. Below is the graphic I found, I did not make it and don’t know who did.


After I posted it, I noticed that several of the ladies were choosing the same numbers. The directions are, choose 5 numbers, they do not have to be in a row or column. Then I remembered what I did at the previous night’s party and it HIT ME!

When told we can pick any number, we will subconsciously pick items we LIKE! It was a total AH-HA moment! It’s genius! This game works for you in so many ways!!

  • Gets people excited and interacting in your FB party
  • If you play it the night before the party, you can also remind them to come back the next night.
  • Each time you ‘call’ a number, you are telling them about that product.
  • You now have a WISH LIST from your customers and guests!!

I created the roll call for this grid and will post it below. I posted the grid above in my group and they are selecting their numbers. Tonight, we will be playing bingo! I’m excited to play this in a Facebook Party as well!

You can find the product info/call posts here –> fb-bingoscript

And as a little side note: numbers chosen the most so far from my group are 5, 13, 17, & 22! Interesting, right?


  • Post the above Bingo grid, tell them to pick 5 numbers, any number, they do not need to be in order, give them a time frame and tell them when Bingo will be played
  • I played later that evening. You want it to be fresh on their minds, I wouldn’t wait until the next day.
  • They need to post their numbers in the comments of the post with the Bingo grid
  • I reminded them  a little before Bingo time
  • I then posted the grid again, said let’s play Bingo and then in the comments of that post, I ‘called’ numbers.
  • You can pick numbers from a hat or post random numbers.
  • I posted exactly what it says in the Bingo Script posted above for each number.
  • If you do it live they will not be reading about each product and that’s kind of the point of this.
  • When all 5 of their numbers have been called, they post BINGO!
  • I did give away a prize, I used something I have in stock
  • Today, I will be messaging everyone that played and thanking them. Not selling or offering anything, just reaching out saying thanks for helping me test out a new FB party game 😉


Just finished playing Bingo in my VIP group! It was great!! Over 60 comments!! I have NEVER had that kind of interaction in my group! Plus, even after the game was over and we had a bingo, they kept talking. Asking about products and looking for ideas! This is a total game changer! They loved it and it got everyone excited, checking out products, and interacting! Check out the screenshot below to get an idea of the flow.




14 thoughts on “The Pyschology of Thirty-One Bingo

    • No I haven’t had a chance to write it yet. You know your customers best! It would be great to write them in your words and offer great ways for them to use and love the products!


      • I did not write new product info. Mainly because it’s really best to use your own wording with your customers, that’s how they will get to know you and your personality. Plus you know what your customers are interested in. It’s really easy to write up some quick info for each product using the catalog as a reference for dimensions and specific product details.

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  1. I’m playing this game on one of my parties. Someone asked if they can pick another set of 5 numbers. My thoughts are 1 set for each person. Have you let people comment more than 1 set of 5 numbers??


    • I’ve never had someone ask to have more than one set. I would say that in order to be as fair as possible, each person can pick one set of 5 numbers.


  2. Im really bad with wording.. does anyone have a description for the new board? Once I have an outline i can tweak for my customers. But I am having a tough time starting the descriptions.

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