Do You Have a Dollar?

If you have $1, you can join Thirty-One today! Crazy cool, right? Thirty-One has brought back the $1 Kit Free Enrollment Option! This offer is only available for a Limited Time!! It’s a great way to get your business going without spending a lot of money upfront. You could start making money for Christmas now and put that money aside. Take care of some bills, save for a trip, pay for a dance class or baseball fees, whatever your family needs!


Check out this video to learn all about what the $1 Kit Free Enrollment is all about!

Then Thirty-One made October even more amazing!! They announced Money Mondays! This month, we will get paid every week! Starting on the 17th, we will be paid each Monday! EEK! So you could join today for $1, help your friends and family take care of some Christmas shopping and get paid on the 17th! WOOHOO! Doesn’t that sound awesome?!


If you have considered picking up a temp job for the Holidays, think about how Thirty-One could fill that spot! Spend $1 (plus the website cost) work the hours you want, right from home, and make extra money! Sounds like a win, win, win to me!

Check my YouTube Channel to find out more about being a Thirty-One Consultant, what it means to be on our Team, and what Thirty-One could do in your life!



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