Ah Ha Moment: One Click Shopping!

You know how sometimes you hear an idea from someone and it hits you like a brick! That’s an Ah Ha Moment! And I had one yesterday, when my upline shared an idea from Christina Rupracht. One Click Shopping! See, we are easily distracted. We don’t want to click 5 times to find the product we want. We want to click, add to cart, and check out!

The idea was shared as a post in a Closed Customer Group. By sharing a picture of the product and providing a link directly to the product on YOUR own website! WOW! That’s awesome! I took it another step and put some One Click Shopping in a Last Chance email I sent to my customers this afternoon.

I use Mad Mimi to stay in contact with my customers and my team. Their service is super easy to use, very professional, and has immediate click results.

This quick video shows you exactly how I set up One Click Shopping in my email and how it works for the customer!

You can check out more info on Mad Mimi through my YouTube Channel below!




One thought on “Ah Ha Moment: One Click Shopping!

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