Living like a Rock Star for a week!

I just returned from a completely paid vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was AH-MAY-ZING! Six days at the Hard Rock Resort & Casino, living the dream, all because of a pink box!! I am stilling pinching myself!


This was the view from my room! Stunning, right!? See the thing is, 5 years ago I would have never thought this was possible. To EARN a FREE vacation from a Direct Sales Company? No not me. I had already had one failed attempt with Direct Sales and while I was excited to join Thirty-One, I didn’t really think I could do anything great. Then I started listening to what Thirty-One believed I could do. They told me I could move mountains. They told me I could be a success. They told me I was good enough, just as I was. WOW! It was amazing! And because someone believed in me, I started believing in me! I worked hard but it was FUN! I loved it! I am passionate about this company and it shows.


The trip I earned is the Leadership Incentive Trip. It’s a 6 month incentive program for Leaders. It pushed me beyond my comfort zone and it gave me more confidence than I knew I had. I just spent a week with the TOP leaders in this company. I saw THE Cindy Monroe, Founder and CEO, 3 different times. Not on a stage but on the beach, at the pool, and riding in a golf cart. There were times when I looked around and thought, how did I get here?! But then I remembered, I WORKED FOR IT!

I spent 6 days in paradise. I had an amazing time! Food was prepared for me, I asked for a drink and it was delivered. I received gifts and high fives randomly. I spent time with friends and met new ones. And I read books, that I chose. No one called me mom, I didn’t have to yell at anyone, and someone picked up MY dirty towels.


And now I’m here to tell you that YOU can do it too! If I can, YOU CAN! You can set goals, work for them, and achieve them! Contact your Director or Sponsor and tell them you want it. Find a friend with similar goals and work together. My Pacing Partner is a HUGE reason why I earned this trip! We worked together, we planned together, and we earned it together!

The requirements will be announced on the 27th for next year’s Leadership Incentive Trip. Did you know that about 150 ladies that earned the trip this year, were not leaders when the earning period started? They promoted to Director during the earning period and earned the trip! YOU can do that!

If you want Leadership and would like tips on where to start, check out my post, Wanting Leadership? Steps to Take Now!


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