Creating Images with PicMonkey

With more and more ladies ending up in Facebook Jail, creating your own content is even more important. Images and graphics used over and over again are getting flagged as spam. It’s crucial to be unique and create your own content. This is super easy with PicMonkey! I have made a couple of short tutorial videos to get you started with PicMonkey. Once you get in there and started playing with it, you will get it figured out!

This video will show you how to create your own watermark. A watermark is a super easy way to change an image. When the same image is uploaded to Facebook multiple time, it can end up being flagged as spam and land you in jail. Adding a watermark can change it just enough to keep you out of jail!

This video is a more detailed look at PicMonkey and all of it’s features. The more you play with the website, the better you will get. I think simple images are the best because they are easier on the eyes. Don’t overdo it and don’t stress! It’s fun 😉


You will find more helpful info on creating images in this post –> Picture Perfect! Affordable and Professional Pictures


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