The Amazing World of Thirty-One!

I have always said that right before a new catalog is released is the best time to join Thirty-One! The rewards are amazing! This time, Thirty-One has totally knocked it out of the park! Becoming a New Consultant is better than ever! Check out the current incentives that a New Consultant can take advantage of!

  • StartSwell: This is a program for New Consultants. During their first 4 months, they can earn up to 4 kits of products! They get to choose from 6 so they can choose items that fit their business and customers. When they submit $600 in a 30 day period, they earn a FREE kit of products! That’s one average Home Party!!
  • Dream Rewards: Right now all consultants are working on Dream Rewards! This is a summer long program that runs on a point system. For every $1 in sales, the consultant earns 1 point. They can also earn 500 points when a friend joins their team and meets certain requirements! The first level of rewards is earned when they reach 5000 points and they will receive a $100 Gift Card! The earning period ends Sept 30th.
  • The Away We Go Incentive: This incentive is for all New Consultants that join by July 20th. When they submit $1000 during any of their StartSwell periods, they will earn the Hostess Exclusive Away We Go Roller in City Charcoal for FREE with personalization!
  • Ready Set Sell: Before every catalog change, all consultants have the chance to earn new products and catalogs! This is just one of the ways Thirty-One likes to help their consultants have the newest products in their hands! There are 3 levels as well as one new level that offers Catalogs. Get new products in your hands before the catalog is even released! We also have the chance to purchase an Add on Kit at a great discount!

Those are some pretty amazing incentives! The best part!? When you are working towards one, you are working towards all of them!! The same $600 party that qualifies the New Consultant for her Level 1 StartSwell, can also qualify her for Level 1 Ready Set Sell! If she sells $1000 she will earn 1000 points towards Dream Rewards, her Away We Go Roller for FREE, a StartSwell Kit that she chooses and an amazing kit of products for the Fall! All of that from a couple of nights with friends! Oh and I totally forgot to mention the $250 she will receive as commissions!! Sounds like a dream right? It’s not, it’s just the life of a Thirty-One Consultant! 🙂

Watch the video below to learn more about the rewards of joining our Thirty-One family now!




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