LIVE Facebook Party Script! May Edition

I am SO excited to use the new LIVE feature in my Facebook Parties! This is a total game changer! The script below is for a Live Party on Facebook, that has an actual time and date set. I am going to use some videos I have made previously as well as the Live option.I will still be using CinchShare for all my pre party posts.

I will also have a 4-5 day Party Script for May if you have a party that is set up that way.

Day you set up event, share an image like this. Introduce yourself to your guests (even if they have been to a party of your’s before 😉 )


Pre-Party Post 1:

I am SO excited to share our amazing Spring products with y’all! First I want to make sure y’all know about the May Customer Special! This month when you spend $35 you can get either the New Day Tote for $34 or the Glamour Case for $12! How would you use these products?!


Pre-Party Post 2:

The New Day Tote is a Women’s Dream! There are so many great ways you could use this amazing bag! Check out this video for an up close look at it’s features!


Pre-Party Post 3:

I am so ready for Summer Time! The Summer is my favorite! Sunshine, tan line, pool days, and fun!! Here are some great ways to use our products this Summer!

Pre-Party Post 4:

Are you ready for the best make up bag ever?! Don’t miss your chance to get a Glamour Case for $12!


Pre-Party Post 5:

Here I am going to do a LIVE video! Let them know we will be LIVE on the party date (in 2 days) make sure they JOIN the event and meet me there on the date and time of the party!

Pre-Party Post 6:

Tomorrow night We Party on Facebook!


Morning of the party!

Don’t forget to click GOING to get all the updates on when I go LIVE tonight right here on Facebook!


Afternoon of Party:

We are going to be checking out lots of great products LIVE tonight! Don’t forget about our amazing Customer Special! When you spend $35 you can get either the New Day Tote for $34 or the Glamour Case for $12!

One hour before Party:

GO Live, introduce yourself and share your excitement for the party!

Party Time!

I will be going LIVE in 5 minutes!


I will be doing 3-4 live videos. Sharing products from each of the chapters in the catalog. This will be where you will put your own personality into it! Have fun with it! Make each video segment about 3-5 minutes. Here are the categories I will be covering:

Just for You: Showing jewelry, Jewell bags, and the accessories that go along with them.

For the Family: Showing thermals, Utility items

For the Home: Storage items, Organizational tips, Pillows

Personalization: I will do a quick video on how personalization works, how much it costs and let them know if they need help to contact me.

At this point I will see if there are any questions or items that someone would like to see more of. I will probably do this as a video as well, so I can answer and help them LIVE! I will also share about the amazing benefits of hosting a party and how fun and easy a Facebook party is! I can’t wait to try out this new Party set up!

If you need more info on  CinchShare, check out this post –> Schedule your Posts with CinchShare



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