Catalog Requests – What to Send!

You have probably had someone request a Catalog from you. Whether it was through a Home Office Lead (check TOT for more info on HO Leads) or a friend asking for one. So…What should you send?

I make all Info Packets the same. It doesn’t matter if they are interested in the opportunity or just want a catalog, I always send the same info. This makes it super easy for me and it puts everything they could need to know in their hands! While talking about these Info Packets today, I realized I didn’t have a flier that explained all the different ways you can Thirty-One! I made up this simple flier to share all the ways they can enjoy Thirty-One. I kept it very simple so that it’s not super overwhelming.


I originally thought I would print it 2 per page but it printed so well on one sheet, I decided to stick with that. I just got a new printer and the crispness is amazing!! (Before you ask, I got an HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 😉 )


My Info Packets include the following:

  • Catalog
  • Monthly Special Flier
  • Recruiting Flier
  • My Why Letter (Check it out here –> MY WHY)
  • Any special fliers (like the Spring Gift Guide)
  • My new Shop, Host, Join Flier!

I’m really excited to send out a couple of Info Packets tomorrow and see how this impacts business!

Check out my other What to Send Edition!

–> Hostess Packets – What to Send!


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