Going Live! Facebook’s New Feature

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Facebook Live! I was pretty excited when I got it but then hit a wall, What do I go live about? It’s a little overwhelming at first, thinking about how many people can be watching and what will come out of my mouth, lol! Well I got over it and just jumped in and it was SO fun!! I wanted to share the video I did today for my VIP group. They are loving it!! It’s had 40 views as of this moment and that is pretty huge if you ask me! Check it out and then scroll down to see more ideas on what you can Go Live about in your VIP Group!


I’m calling this my Pick Up Pop In, I’m going to shoot these fun videos while waiting for the kids in the pick up line! Feel free to use the same thing or come up with your own! Also, little tip, turn your phone on silent so everyone doesn’t hear your notifications 😉

So let’s talk ideas! I’m going to post some that I have thought of and if you think of more, comment below!

  • What’s in my bag? This can be any bag, I’m going to do my Glamour Case next.
  • Grocery shopping with Thirty-One! Video the back of your car loaded with your groceries all in Thirty-One bags!
  • Unboxing of new products. This is really fun, especially when new items are available, like Add On Kits.
  • Before and After Organization: shoot a quick video of a mess and then video again once you get it all organized with Thirty-One!
  • Going on a Trip: Show how you pack and how many items you use when traveling.
  • Creative Usage Ideas: One thing I love about Thirty-One is how they can be used in so many ways. For Example: using the Jewelry Keeper or Baubles & Bracelets Case for Oils instead of jewelry.
  • One The Go Organization: Make a quick video of how you stay organized on the go, at the ball park, pool, beach, church potluck, and so much more!
  • Packing Lunches: How you use Thirty-One for the kids and school.
  • For the Guys: How does your husband use Thirty-One!

So there are some fun ideas I came up with! Be sure to share more with me and have fun Going Live with your VIP Group!

Here is how the Live Feature looks on my Android Phone.


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