Creative Marketing: Bookmarks

I love finding creative ways to market myself and my business. Today, I decided to check out Vistaprint for any deals. They are having a sale Sitewide right now!! Save 40% on everything with code FRIENDS40. Plus, they are offering VistaprintCash! This is new and a really fun way to save!

Screenshot 2016-04-04 16.26.07

Since they have this great deal going, I started shopping around. I came across the Bookmarks and had a fabulous idea! There is a Half Price Books near me that offers bookmarks at checkout. I have spoken to Half Price Books and they are willing to let me put my bookmarks on their counter! This is HUGE and a fantastic way to market my business to people that need bags! My local public library also has free bookmarks but I have not contacted them yet.

I hopped over to PicMonkey and created some quick images, love how they turned out! The bookmarks are a little more expensive than what I normally spend on marketing materials. But with the code and the VistaprintCash, I couldn’t pass it up! And, full color back is included, so not bad! Here is what I created!


Need a crash course at PicMonkey? You can check my video out here, it’s an old video but it will walk you through the basics!


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