marGo: The Virtual Assistant for Everyone!

I recently learned about this amazing website! It’s basically a Virtual Assistant for $10 a month! marGo does it all for you, takes care of invites, hostess coaching, and guest follow up! I am so excited to see how it all works after the party!

So I found out about marGo a couple of weeks ago. You go in and select the services you would like to use. You can choose from paying for a subscription (which lowers your per party cost) or pay by the party. If you are unsure of how you will like it or if you hostess will use it, choose the pay by the party option to start. You can always go back and change to a subscription later. Get your party set up by entering all needed info, hostess name, address, phone number, and email. Select the party date and time and include the shopping link. There are several services to choose from to invite the guests. Set up is SO easy (I did one as a hostess to check it out)! marGo does it all for you!! Set it up and it’s done!

Here are a few themes you can choose from:

Screenshot 2016-03-16 17.54.50

You can use the service with both Online and In Home parties. If you are paying a monthly subscription, there are certain services that are free! That includes posting to your Facebook Events! YEP this Virtual Assistant can take the place of CinchShare or PostMyParty! Check out my video below to get a quick tour and see all the services you can use for your parties!

So far, I have had success with my hostess entering her guests. You can select to have a postcard sent to you. I plan on keeping them and using them to show future hostesses. It makes it easier to explain the service to them. marGo also sends reminder emails to the hostess! I look forward to seeing if this service impacts the amount of guests at a party and will update next month after these parties have closed!

Check out marGo here —> marGo and enter Jenna Irvine as your referrer! You will have to wait for an email invite to set up your account but it doesn’t take long 🙂

Find my current Facebook party script here —> 4 Day Facebook Party Script + Live Checkout!



8 thoughts on “marGo: The Virtual Assistant for Everyone!

    • I’ve never done a follow up but I personally love marGo. I don’t use it a lot because I don’t have as many home parties as I use to have. I actually haven’t had a home party in over a year! I used them mainly for the postcards and follow ups for home parties and it was fantastic!


  1. Hey Jenna did you ever do an update to this? I am so curious about this system and wondering how it went when you closed parties with Margo etc?


    • I haven’t done an update because I haven’t had a home party to use it with. You still close parties through your back office, not sure what you mean when you say close a party with Margo.


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