Using Pinterest for your Business…

Without posting your products!

Sounds a little crazy, right? Hear me out! I created a board on Pinterest for things to keep my kids busy during Spring Break. We don’t have a vacation planned so it’s just me and the kids, at the house…for a week! In an attempt to not have them on iPads 24/7, I wanted to plan a couple of fun activities, crafts, and experiments. So I spent some time with Pinterest. Do you think my customers are dealing with the same thing??

I will be sharing my new Spring Break Fun board with my customer group tomorrow. I am being very intentional with posts in this closed group. I don’t want everything to be about Thirty-One. I want it to be fun, informative, and the go to place for the Cool Girls 😉 I’m providing a service by spending time collecting these fun, kid-approved crafts and then sharing them with my customers. Now they don’t  have to go looking for them, all the fun is collected and in one space, my VIP Customer Group! And the next time they need a fun craft, let’s say Easter, they can check my super fun Easter Craft board!

Check out my Spring Break Fun Pinterest Board here and then start your own! I’ve started on my Easter Board already too!






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