Using Pinterest for your Business…

Without posting your products!

Sounds a little crazy, right? Hear me out! I created a board on Pinterest for things to keep my kids busy during Spring Break. We don’t have a vacation planned so it’s just me and the kids, at the house…for a week! In an attempt to not have them on iPads 24/7, I wanted to plan a couple of fun activities, crafts, and experiments. So I spent some time with Pinterest. Do you think my customers are dealing with the same thing??

I will be sharing my new Spring Break Fun board with my customer group tomorrow. I am being very intentional with posts in this closed group. I don’t want everything to be about Thirty-One. I want it to be fun, informative, and the go to place for the Cool Girls ūüėČ I’m providing a service by spending time collecting these fun, kid-approved crafts and then sharing them with my customers. Now they¬†don’t ¬†have to go looking for them, all the fun is collected and in one space, my VIP Customer Group! And the next time they need a fun craft, let’s say Easter, they can check my super fun Easter Craft board!

Check out my¬†Spring Break Fun¬†Pinterest Board here and then start your own! I’ve started on my Easter Board already too!






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