4 Day Facebook Party Script + Live Checkout!

I know there are a lot of Facebook Party Scripts out there. I have always liked writing my own, I love to include my own style and videos. I have found that when I use videos with ME in them, I make better connections with my customers. Back when I first started doing Facebook parties, I did The Tag Team training and always liked their style. It was hard to follow since we could not post products with pricing in an open forum. But since then, we have been told that setting up a business page used ONLY for shopping is allowed! I was so excited to hear that and immediately set up my own! I have also been spending a lot of time creating videos of me and all the products I have. It’s a work in progress! Imagine how amazing it will be to have a video with every single product we have!! Anytime a customer comes to you with a question about a product, you could send a video of YOU explaining and showing it to her! How awesome would you be then?!

So below is my new Facebook format! Just tried it out tonight and I really loved it! I had 4 days of sharing a little bit each day. Then tonight, the 4th evening, we had a live party. Short and sweet, just 10 posts. It was really more for me to assist the guests with checkout, answer any questions about products, and give some product previews. I do realize I have left out booking seeds and will probably follow up with that this week.


I also have a video I send to my hostess the day of her party. This just says Hey I’m super excited to party with you!!




One thought on “4 Day Facebook Party Script + Live Checkout!

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