The Power of a Postcard

I am focusing on Customer Service, among other things, for 2016. My BFF, Missy Nelson and I have come up with a 4 touch point system for all orders. This includes multiple forms of contact, including 2 forms of snail mail. I think sending something in the mail is important. This keeps you in your customer’s mind and gives them something more exciting than a bill in their mailbox. Let’s go over each touch point!

Touch Point #1:

After an order is placed, I will be texting the image below to each customer. This image thanks them for their order and invites them to join my VIP Group on Facebook.


I am being very intentional with all touch points. My face is going to be on all 4 items! I want them to picture ME when they think of Thirty-One!

Touch Point #2:

Along with the text, I will also send a postcard/notecard saying Thank You! Everyone loves to get something in the mail other than a bill so this is perfect. While I wait for the new postcards below to be delivered, I will be mailing a notecard with a calendar magnet to each customer. Both items have the same image of me and brand me as their Thirty-One Consultant.


Touch Point #3:

About 2-3 weeks after the initial purchase, I will be sending a follow up email. This will be a quick email, set up in Mad Mimi, making sure they have received their order and love it. I will have this set up as a drip so that all I have to do is add their email to an audience, and the email will go out automatically. Find out more about Drip Campaigns HERE!

Touch Point #4:

This touch point will be another piece of Snail Mail, a postcard reminding them that their 90 day warranty period will be ending soon. This is an idea I got from another Director and feel in love with it! What a wonderful way to provide Customer Service than to remind them that their warranty period will be ending soon! This postcard will be sent to them around 60 days after their purchase. This gives them plenty of time to check their products and make sure there are no defects.

I have created an ARC folder for tracking purchases and touch points. Check it out below!

By placing each order behind the month is was placed, it makes it easier for me to go back and know where to start with each Touch Point.

I’m really excited about this new Customer Service system and can not wait to see how it impacts my business!



2 thoughts on “The Power of a Postcard

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