3 Easy Steps to Setting Up an In Home Video Studio!

I love to make videos for my Thirty-One Business! It’s a great way to make personal connections with your customers, especially those that live far from you. I had a hard time finding a spot, most places where too crowded with the kids’ stuff. Some didn’t have enough light and others didn’t have a place for me to put my laptop (I use the camera on it). I started using the side of my room that has the closet on it, the window on the other side provided great light and I could set my laptop up on my bed. Plus if the kids were home, I could close the door and block out their noise 😉

Only problem, super plain backdrop! Then it hit me!! I need to hand a pretty shower curtain in front of my closet!! So here is how I created a super easy, very cute, and extremely quick set up for an In Home Video Studio!

Step 1: I bought some small 3M Hooks and a pretty shower curtain at Target. The hooks hold up to .5lbs and I used 4 of them. I hung those up above my closet. I just checked the shower curtain against the placing to make sure it would hang properly.

Step 2: Close your closet and hang up that shower curtain!

Step 3: Set up your camera and you area ready to go!!


Super easy and it takes no time for me to get ready to make some fun videos!



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