Hostess Packets – What to Send!

You are setting your Hostess up for success with her Hostess Packet! You want her to feel Celebrated and Excited for her Thirty-One Party!! Check out the video below to see exactly what I send to my Hostesses. All documents mentioned are listed below the video!



Hostess Packet Label – spring-hostess-packet-label-us

Hostess Cover Letter – Homeparty+logo

Facebook Cover Letter – Facebookparty+logo

Catalog Cover Letter – Catalogparty+logo

Spring Order Form – spring-summer-2016-order-form-us

And this is great for after the party! Cashing in a Great Party – Cashing_In_A_Great_Party




5 thoughts on “Hostess Packets – What to Send!

  1. Wow, you are like the dream consultant! What a smart website you have. I’m Canadian so I am no competition. I just started a week ago and am so overwhelmed. You make it look so easy! Good job 🙂

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    • For an On The Go Party that is at a location, I would use the Home Party letter. You can modify anything in the letters that you like, to make then your own.


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