Be a Gift Giving Specialist!

Customer Service is super important in Direct Sales! Finding a new consultant is as easy as logging onto the Company Website and requesting help. So offering amazing customer service will ensure that your customers continue coming to you for all their Thirty-One needs (Mary Kay, Scentsy, Jewelry, etc). It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or hard, just taking some time to thank your customers, offering special attention to details, and showing you really do appreciate them is all it takes.

One thing I have found my customers love is when I help them with gifts for teachers. These are gifts that sometimes slip our minds, we think about it but don’t remember to pick it up or aren’t sure of how to show our thanks. I started making Teacher Appreciation Gifts last year, a Nail File on Cardstock. Super easy, very affordable, and I mailed it to them ready to gift. It was the attention to detail that had my customers so excited for the Teacher Valentine Gifts I offered this year.

They were easy to make, a wonderful Thirty-One sister I do not know posted the file and I saved it. The Nail Files are great gifts and worked perfectly for Valentine’s Day! I created a Google Form for my customers to complete for ordering and made a bulk order. They came in today and I got them right out in the mail, completed and ready for gifting. This simple act of Customer Service means a lot to the busy mom who might have forgotten until the last minute to grab Valentine’s gifts. The next time she is needing a special gift in a pinch, who’s name will come to mind??

I might not have made a huge commission from the sale of these Nail Files, what I did make was personal connections with my customers. And that is the most valuable thing I can do for my business.

You can find the file here —> Teacher Valentine I did not create this, just sharing work of another wonderful Thirty-One Sister 🙂




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