Facebook Party Script – Feb Pillow Party!

I am so in love with our new Pillows! I think they are fun and the options are endless!! Below is my Facebook Party Script for a fun Pillow Party! This will be a short and super easy party to have on Facebook. Only focusing on the pillows and the monthly special.



Hello!! Welcome to the Pillow Party! My name is Jenna and I’m going to be showing you Thirty-One’s amazing new personalized option, our Signature Canvas Pillows! Who’s ready for a fun and fast Facebook Party!?






But first I want to thank our Wonderful Hostess for bringing us together tonight! I think she is pretty special and I’m sure you feel the same! Tell her in one word what you love about her!







Our new Signature Canvas Pillows come in 2 amazing sizes! We have an 18″x18″ and a 24″x24″! They will look great in any room, make excellent gifts, and share your family’s story! Let’s take a look at a few options!





Snip20160123_24 The Just the __ of Us Option is one of my favs! Super cute! Tell your family’s story with this fun pillow!! This could almost fit my family 😉 What would you put on this pillow?







Snip20160123_17Our I ❤ Option is cute for everyone!! Does you daughter love dance? Your son loves Baseball? What a fun way to show their love and decorate their room! The heart can be any of the seven color options for pillows!








Full Circle is a great option for a wedding gift! Use the bride and grooms initials in the center and a saying about their love around the circle. What do you think would be good on pillow for newlyweds?





Snip20160124_42The Initials option is another great gift idea! Great for the new baby, match the print to the nursery! You can do large initials and the bottom lines can have up to 20 characters!






Snip20160126_40 The Established design would be great for the new home buyer! Add their address to make it extra special! Also could be great as a wedding gift with their wedding date and family name.







The final option is the Together Pillow. This is great for anyone, families, new home owners, newlyweds, and anniversary gifts. It’s so timely and beautiful! Just add the family name along the bottom!





So let’s review! We have 2 sizes, 6 options, and 7 colors! Pretty awesome right?!

The 18″ pillow cover is $35, with insert is $50.

The 24″ pillow cover is $45, with insert $70





When you design your pillow tonight, you will also qualify for this Month’s special! This new Tall Organizing Tote can by your’s for $10 when you spend $35!







Now for the fun party! Design Time!! What are you thinking about? How would you like to design a pillow? Share your ideas here and I will make them come to life!





That’s the end of my Pillow Party FB Script! After you answer questions and design pillows, be sure to thank your guests for coming and thank the Hostess again. I like to follow up with anyone that doesn’t order the next day. Maybe they are unsure of what to order and need some help! You can also post your website or party link so they can browse other items if they would like.



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