Staying in Touch: Keep Your Inactives Informed

You probably have a list of potential recruits and you keep them informed of upcoming incentives and kit changes. Are you doing this for you Inactive Team Members as well? One thing I have found is just because they go inactive, doesn’t mean they are no longer interested in your company or products. Sometimes life happens and Thirty-One or another company has to take a back seat. They may like to join again in the future or at the least, become one of you new customers. I have talked about Mad Mimi before, here is another feature I love and use to keep inactive ladies informed.

I love creating Audiences in Mad Mimi! I have lots of lists of people, you can add any contact and they can be on as many lists as you like. It’s easy to add and remove contacts too. I have a team list, when a new member signs up, she is immediately entered into the list. This triggers the Drip Campaign, which you can find out more about in this Blog Post about Streamlining your Direct Sales Business. But what happens when they go inactive? Well, I move them to a new list I created called Inactive Pink Ladies. I also have a Potential Recruit list that I contact when there is a New Consultant Incentive or when a new catalog is coming out. Anytime I contact these Potential Recruits, I also contact the Inactive list. You can send one email to multiple lists 😉 Because really, they are potential recruits as well! Mailing them recruit packets each catalog change is another way I like to stay in touch and keep them informed. By keeping them in the loop, you are continuing the relationship that was built while they were on your team. They can either become new customers for you or a new recruit again in the future. On the 21st, I sent an email out to both of these lists. When you keep them informed and in the know, they will remember you when they are ready to join or make a purchase!

Screenshot 2016-01-23 19.44.40

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