Wanting Leadership? Steps to Take Now!

When I joined Thirty-One, I wanted bags, all the bags! About 6 months in, I knew I wanted Leadership. It didn’t happen right away for me. I worked at it for a while before I started recruiting and actually feeling like I could reach a Leadership Level. As I got closer, I took a few steps that I feel made it easier for me to handle my Leadership role once I acheived it.


Number 1:

Act Like a Leader! You have probably heard the saying above. It’s true, if you want something, you have to take action on it. It’s not going to just happen. So I started acting like a leader. I reached out to my recruits, asked if they needed help, told them I was here to support them and help them reach their goals. I set up a Team Page on Facebook and created a Team Name.

Number 2:

Research what is required of a Leader in your Company. Most if not all companies are going to have a Responsibility & Requirement List for their Leaders. You may need so much in sales, so many recruits or may need to host meetings for local consultants. Whatever it is, find out and take action on those. If you need so much in sales a month, make it a goal NOW to reach those sales. Then when you become a Leader, you will be ready and comfortable with the requirements of your title.

Number 3:

Recruit! You need to be actively recruiting. If you are looking at Leadership, you want to be Booking Parties and Recruiting on a regular basis. At the Party is a great place to find a New Recruit but you can also find them in your daily life. I share the Thirty-One Opportunity in so many ways. I share at parties, I share in my VIP Customer Group, I share on Pinterest, I share on YouTube, I share EVERYWHERE! I like to make videos and make them really personal. It’s important to be yourself and be relatable. This make it easy for others to think of themselves doing what you do. When they can relate to you and see themselves in you, they will be able to see themselves joining your team! I made a new video yesterday to share my excitement for our new Spring Enrollement Kit. It was a first take and I felt it had some flaws but that’s me! I have flaws 🙂 You can check out my video below!

Number 4:

Contact your Director! Tell her you are interested in Leadership! She will want to Celebrate you and help you along the way!


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