Picture Perfect! Affordable and Professional Pictures

Yesterday, I did something I usually avoid with a passion. I got in front of a camera! I wanted to update my marketing materials, it’s been a couple of years and I really wanted some photos with products in them. I had some pretty specific ideas in mind and wasn’t sure how I would go about finding a photographer that I could afford. Professional photography can get expense! So I went to Google and I found something I didn’t know! Target does Business Photography!

Many Targets across the country have Photography Studios. I’m sure you could do the same at a Wal-Mart Studio or even JC Penney’s. It was just something that I had never thought of. The best part was I found a great Coupon, it gives you the rights to up to 3 Digital Pictures.


So I made my appointment and didn’t look back! I brought several products with me and was able to do multiple poses with each. I received my High Resolution Images within 2 hours of my appointment. Below are a couple of my favorite poses 🙂

While I really do love the pictures, I wasn’t happy with the color of the background. I really wanted to be able to use the pictures in labels and images with no background. The white was just not white enough. So I set out on a quest to figure out how to remove a background. I consider myself ‘tech savvy’ but this was something I had no clue how to do! It seems hard, I’ve tried to use Photoshop before and totally failed at it. After a few searches and some great advice, I found Clipping Magic! It was super easy to use!! You simply color what you want to keep in green and what you don’t want to keep in red. It will create an outline around your focal point and show the new image on the right. Here is a screen shot of my work.

Screenshot 2016-01-12 22.25.16

This was my first attempt!! And it came out great! There is a charge for using the website. The cheapest account allows you to have 15 edits for $3.99 a month. I thought it was a fair price and signed up. I personally plan on working on what I need and then canceling  the account. I don’t do that much editing 😉

I did find a free app called Background Eraser, I have an Android but I’m sure it’s available for Apple products as well. I felt it was a little harder to do on my phone and wanted to work on it on the computer.

Here’s a look at my finished product! I used Picmonkey to add my picture and the wording. I will also be making labels for my catalogs, new business cards, and whatever else I can think of! It’s fun to do!




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