Saying Goodbye, Fall’s Retiring Styles!

I get excited for new catalogs! It means new products and patterns and I always find myself loving the next catalog more than the previous! But new products also mean old products are leaving, it’s time to say goodbye to some of our current favorites. This go round, some really good ones are leaving! I wanted to share the Fall Retirement List with you and tell you which products you do not want to miss out on!!

The products and patterns above are completely retiring as of Feb 1st. There are a couple of items I was surprised to see on the list. They are popular and I love them!

The Fashion Week has been a pretty popular bag with my customers. It’s a really great size, not too small and not too big 😉 great drop length on the shoulder strap making it sit perfectly under your arm. I personally love that it only has one strap instead of two and it’s available in 3 great colors.

Everyone is in love with anchors right now, making the Canvas Crew Tote super popular! It’s a big bag, makes a great overnight bag or large shopping tote. Pair it with the Canvas Crew Strap to complete the look.

The Hang-Up Activity Organizer is a great travel product! It attaches to the back of your car seat, providing the little ones in the back with storage for toys, snacks, and even an iPad. Put an iPad in the top clear pocket for viewing and the touch screen still works!

The Perfect Bottle Thermal makes a great hostess gift!! Headed to a dinner party? Slip a bottle of wine into this amazing thermal and you are set! It will also hold a foot long sub sandwich, keep it warm too 😉

I can’t say enough about the Horizon Necklace, it really is my absolute favorite jewelry piece. I wear it daily, usually layered with another JK by Thirty-One necklace. It can also be worn alone, it is just a great go-to jewelry piece!! I can’t believe it will be leaving, pictures don’t do it justice but check it out below! It’s the middle necklace.


Two other pieces of jewelry that will be retiring are the Enchanted Cross Necklace (pictured above, the short necklace) and the Heart & Soul Bracelet. Both of these are on my Must Get List!

These are just the items that stick out to me. You may see something else that catches your eye. Either way, get it now while you can cause after the 31st, you won’t have the option!! I have included the rest of the Retirement List below. There are some product/pattern combinations that are leaving as well. These items will still be available just in new patterns.

We also have a pretty amazing special this month which includes an item on the Retirement List. The Your Way Jr Cube will be retiring and you can get up to 3 of them for only $12 each when you spend $35. You can also choose from the Your Way Cube or Your Way Rectangle at special prices this month. The are all great for organizing and on my Must Get List this month!




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