Happy Mail for a Potential Hostess or Recruit!

You have probably heard of the concept of Happy Mail, you may have even received some! It’s not a new idea but I had a thought that puts a new twist on it. Happy Mail for a potential Hostess or Recruit!

Someone may have just popped into you head! You know who she is, she wants to host a party but it hasn’t happened for her yet. Maybe she is busy and thinks she doesn’t have time. Maybe she scheduled and had to cancel or reschedule due to life happening. Maybe you have contacted her and haven’t heard back. Whatever the reason, you think she would be a fantastic hostess and you aren’t ready to give up just yet. Why not send her a quick note and piece of fun mail to say Hey, let’s do this party thing! I have found some items I think would make great Potential Hostess and Recruit Happy Mail. If you have Amazon Prime, you can find cute things for super cheap with free shipping. Below are a couple of items I found on Amazon:

Knock Knock Sticky Notes, Just Sayin’ – You could get your favorites for free when you host a party with me! Just Sayin’ 😉

Pro Beach Ball – A party with you would be a BALL!

Colorful Thinking Bubbles Sticky Notes – I’ve been thinking about how fun your party will be!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, check it out! It’s pretty awesome and you get 2 day free shipping on anything that is marked Prime! You can get a free 30 day trial 🙂

I also found some super cute stuff in the Dollar Spot at Target! You can always find fun, seasonal items at Target.



Sugar Daddy & Hershey Chapstick – A party with you would be the BALM! or A party with you would be SWEET!

Felt Fortune Cookies – You could save a FORTUNE when you host a Thirty-One Party!

For a Potential Recruit:

Pom Pom Pens and Mini Rose Grow Kit – I can’t wait to watch your Business Grow!

I am most excited about those fortune cookies!! I think they are super cute and just $1 for a 3 pack!! Cheap Happy Mail and what a fun idea! I’m putting a few in the mail today!




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