Wine Tasting Parties are my Favorite!

I talked about fun party themes a couple of posts back. One I referenced was a Wine Tasting party and I’ve had some questions about them. So I wanted to go over how you do it and why it’s so much fun!

They are so easy! I made an quick Red Stamp to help my hostess get the word out. They have some really cute designs perfect for Wine Tastings. Make sure on the invite you explain that each guest should bring their favorite bottle of wine. You may want to grab one too, just so there is plenty for everyone to try. Yellow Tail is a great brand and it’s only about $5 a bottle. I also asked the Hostess to follow up with her guests and remind them to bring a bottle.

Now it’s the night of the party! As each guest arrives, take their wine and place a brown lunch sack over it, tie it up with a cute ribbon, and write a number on it. I also brought glasses to the party, I got them at Dollar Tree and used Chalkboard paint on the bottom rim. They turned out really cute!

Screenshot 2016-01-07 13.54.35

On the Wine table I had the glasses set up, with chalk, and had each lady come in and write their name on their glass. It was so fun and everyone loved it. The video below will explain exactly how I run my Wine Tasting Parties.

The Wine Tasting Sheet I used is posted below. It was made by another Thirty-One Consultant named Christina. She has a Facebook group called Christina’s Creations and makes tons of beautiful graphics and handouts. I love her stuff and use them all the time!


Not a Consultant and want to Host a fun Wine Tasting Party? Contact me through my Website !



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