Murder Mystery and More Great Party Themes!

I love a great party theme! They are fun and I think they can attract more guests. Offering your hostess multiple party themes is a great way for her to make her party stand out and fit her personality. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and when I saw several ladies posting about playing a Murder Mystery Game in Facebook events, I thought “What a Great Idea!!”

I’ve been to a Murder Mystery Party, not a Home Party just a regular party, and it was a blast. I also use to love the game Clue so this was an easy transition for me. I took the idea of the Facebook Game and transformed it into a great Home Party Theme! I did make a video explaining how to play the game and posted that below.

It’s a simple party theme, if you’re familiar with the game Clue you already know how to play! There is a list of suspects, weapons, and rooms. The guests will go around, checking out Solution Sets you have created, and collecting the clues. I thought making Solution Sets and placing them around the house was a great way to incorporate Thirty-One into this theme. After the game is over and a winner is selected, you could still do a quick presentation. I would go over the monthly special, personalization and place some booking and recruiting seeds.

You can also use the flier I created for them to track their clues or easily make your own using


And also the layout of the party and a few Solution Sets I thought of.

Murder Mystery Home Party

Looking for more fun party themes? Check out the ideas below, offering them to your Hostess will help you stand out as a Consultant and make her friends excited to party with you too!!

Bingo/Bunco Night: This is a fun way to have a party! You can give away a couple of small prizes to those that win. It doesn’t need to be expensive, ladies just love to win, especially when they friends didn’t, lol! You can find everything you need for Bingo on Amazon at a really great price.

Wine/Beer Tasting Party: This has been a very popular theme for my hostesses. Each guest brings their favorite wine or beer to share. I put a paper bag over each bottle and give each guest a sip. They keep track of which they like best and least. After all have been tasted, I give prizes to the favorite and least favorite. It’s really fun!                                                         *Find out more about Wine Tasting Parties HERE

Ice Cream Social: Fun for the summer! Each guest brings their favorite sundae topping to share. Everyone can make their own sundaes and enjoy them during your presentation.

Name That Tune: This is really one of my favorites! It’s so fun and if you have a group of ladies that truly love music, they will LOVE it! I created a playlist that went along with the Solution Sets and Products I wanted to showcase. For Example: I used the song Going to the Chapel for products that are great for newlyweds. Play a snippet of each song, guests get one point for getting the name of the song and another for getting the artist correct. At the end you can award a prize for the winner. I found using 80s music was great, it was a walk down memory lane and they loved it.



9 thoughts on “Murder Mystery and More Great Party Themes!

      • Can you explain a little more how the game works? I love the game Clue, but for some reason I don’t see this fully. So you do the index cards with the Rooms, suspects, weapons. Take out one of each set and put aside. Got that part. But the players don’t get cards right? You just lay them out in the different set up rooms and they have to find out which is missing? Kinda like a scavenger hunt? So the ladies head off in different directions and mark off the ones they find on their sheet?


      • Right, the players don’t get cards. You just set up the solution sets however you like and put the one set of cards with each set. It’s really simple and just process of elimination but they are checking out products along the way 🙂


  1. Thank you for all your feedback! So you don’t hide the cards in the solution sets, just lay them around them? How long would you say this game roughly takes?


    • Oh you could totally hide them! That would be fun! I would say maybe 20-30 minutes. I would do a short presentation, like under 10 minutes. And then let then check it out and gather clues. Walk around, answer any questions they have about products. Just kinda play it by ear.


      • Some ladies just want to win and they will rush through the solution sets to get the clues. But I guess they could walk back around the rooms to look after the game was over. I am going to offer this to my hostesses, I think it would be a blast!! Truly appreciate all your help!

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