Virtual Parties – LIVE Online!

Facebook Parties have become so popular, everyone is doing it! I get invited to make up parties, nail wrap parties, book parties, and so much more. Who is even paying attention anymore! We are bombarded! I like to be different, it’s why I started Facebook Parties and now why I’m going to stop having Facebook Parties! I have found an amazing new platform for hosting parties online!! It’s called DSPARTYSPOT. Super easy to use, free for customers and hostess too. Consultants will pay a monthly fee of $6.99 but you can get a free month trial!

I asked a past Facebook Hostess to help me out and we tested the site. It’s really easy to use and the comments are easy to follow. The best part: You can do a LIVE VIDEO FEED! It’s amazing!! I made the video below to show how the site looks and how a party would run.

I think DSPARTYSPOT is next HOT thing in online Direct Sales Parties of all kinds! I’m super excited to hold my first party there and will update y’all on how it goes.

**I am not affiliated with in any way and have not been paid for the statements above. This blog is solely my opinion 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Parties – LIVE Online!

    • I actually have not had a party with Hostess on this site yet. I do find getting a hostess to try a new site to be the hardest part. Hope to have a party there in Feb!


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