Window Advertising – It’s Free!

I’m a daydreamer. Always have been. I like to sit and plan and think of all the ways I can do something awesome. Break records with Thirty-One, support my family, and just be successful. Sometimes it’s just daydreams but sometimes, REAL ideas come from it. Those are the good daydreams!

While driving the kids to lunch and daydreaming about our upcoming Outlet Sale, I had a real idea. I glanced out the rear view window and it hit me!! I could write on the window about the sale!! Add a BIG arrow and tell them to GO SHOP! People do it all the time, Just Married, Happy Birthday, Go Team!! Why couldn’t I do it too?! So I got my rear to Hobby Lobby for a couple of Window Writers and an idea became reality.


You will want to get one of these great window decals from Thirty-One Business Supplies too! They are awesome for advertising. I actually got a call from a lady this year needing a consultant for a vendor event. She had seen my car at Chick fil A and wrote my number down. All because my daughter wanted chicken nuggets, I made new contacts and sales!

I ended up driving around for a while, advertising. Did it help? I don’t know, someone may have checked out my website or taken my info down for future reference (like the lady at Chick fil A). Trying new things is what sets you apart and advances your business. If we do the same thing all the time, we will always get the same results.

I’ve decided I won’t leave this to just an Outlet Sale! I can write anything on my window! New Catalog, Ask Me! Great Opportunity! Party with Me! Anything I want to bring attention to.

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2 thoughts on “Window Advertising – It’s Free!

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