Customer to Consultant Spotlight

I don’t think I’m full of great ideas, but lately I have really impressed myself! I have had some really amazing ideas for my business and want to share one with you today! A Customer to Consultant Spotlight!! I like to share the Business Opportunity in my VIP Page often. On occasion, I get a really great customer that decides to give it a shot. I love when they become Rockstar Consultants!! Something that they use to spend money on is now MAKING them money!! It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

Today I thought, why not spotlight these ladies!! They took a chance and joined my team. Now they are earning more products, making money for those extra expenses, and getting recognized by an amazing  company. We are all about that Celebrating!! My next great consultant could be in that group, thinking about joining, and not talking to me about it. The story of another lady, that was once just like her, could inspire her to take that leap of faith!

I love to use Mad Mimi for contacting my team. I created a real simple email to contact my Rockstar and let her know I want to spotlight her. I’ve also made some images that I will add her picture and name to.


I’m really excited to Spotlight my first Rockstar Consultant!


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