Creating Templates and Time for Facebook Parties!!

I found the Facebook party about 2 years ago. It’s been pretty successful and I like doing them. But I found the more I have going on, the more time I spend setting up posts, creating and recreating the same posts or just flat out forgetting to post! I joined Direct Sales because I didn’t want to work 8 hours a day, not because sitting at a computer scheduling posts is fun, lol! Until now I haven’t had many options for scheduling these type posts. I like the free sites (I try to be thrifty!) and just couldn’t take the leap of paying $10 a month for a scheduling site. Well today my life has been changed!!

Tiny Torch is a free Social Media posting site. Really easy to use and did I mention it’s free? 🙂 Today they added a new feature that is a total game changer for Facebook parties! The Template option lets you create posts, schedule what day and time they should be posted on and then schedule them for an individual party. It’s amazing and extremely easy to set up! The best part is, once you have a post created, you can use it over and over on many different templates. You know you want to post the How To Order image and directions on multiple parties. You can, create it once, use it again and again! I made a quick video showing you how to create a post, add it to a template and then schedule your template! It’s so easy and will save so much time!! No more forgotten posts, no more setting up Facebook parties over and over again!

I can’t express how awesome I think this is! I set it up so quickly, scheduling was so easy! It’s really going to change how I post to Facebook events and how many I feel I can plan each month!


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