Teacher Appreciation Sale!

I always get excited about the Large Utility Tote special! It’s a hot ticket item and one of my favorites! I really like using the Customer Special to play up a great sale or thank someone for being who they are! The LUT special falling on the same month as Teacher Appreciation Month is huge! I will be offering a special sale to the teachers at my children’s school. This works best if you have a connection to the school, like your kids go there or grand kids, and they know you. I will be contacting the principal tomorrow and asking to set up a little display in the break room for a few days. I’ll be offering LUTs for $22.50 each (plus tax and shipping) which comes out to $26.30 in my area. As long as they are sold in pairs, you can use the customer special to get them for this price! (35+10=45 and 45/2=22.50) My display will include a Large Utility Tote (a current pattern would be best) and a flier with all the pattern options. I will be making up a super simple order form for them to fill out, with multiple lines and orders all on one page. Most of them will probably take just one bag so I think this will be the easiest way. I’ll also post the flier I made below, so they know what is going on, lol.

Teacher Appreciation

I will then pick up the order form and put them all in together as a party, and hopefully get that awesome Hostess Special to boot 😉 I’ll deliver them bagged, tagged, and super cute to the teachers later in the month! I’m also be able to include a thank you note and a Bingo Card for my monthly bingo events (I’ll make a separate post about that soon!)

Super easy way to offer something special to teachers without coming out of pocket!

Facebook Party Points Counter!

I’m revamping my Facebook Parties and decided to go with a Party Points game to encourage activity. I have always been a little afraid to use this in a party because I had no clue how to go about calculating the points. Well, I came across Party Points Counter and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve found in a while! So super simple, can be used on private events and groups! I’m so excited to use it on my party tomorrow! I made a quick video to share the simplicity of it with you!


Weekday Work Zones

This really isn’t a new concept. Many people work a ‘Power Hour’ type system, this system breaks your business into 4 main areas and you work them each for 15 minutes. This doesn’t work for me, mainly because I have small kids and a hundred other things going on. I rarely can work a full hour at a time. I came up with the Work Zones instead. This system takes one day and gives it a theme. Then you have the day to touch on that area of your business. This is a much more practical solution for me, having the day to get my tasks done is much more doable! Here are the areas I want to work each day, you can always adjust accordingly to your business.


On Mondays, I’ll make sure all my materials are up to date, get anything in the mail that needs to be sent, and check on my pages and vip groups. There really are a lot of areas this covers but as long as every Monday, I’m checking on them and making sure everything in the Marketing area is handled, I should be doing good. This will include:

  • Email set up
  • Texting
  • FB Groups & Pages
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Blog
  • Checking over my materials at home, seeing if I need anything


Tuesday is all about the TEAM! I’m going to get more intentional about reaching out and getting to know them, keeping them up to date, team meetings, and more. This day will include:

  • Leadership Live
  • Team Touch Points (getting in touch with them)
  • Sending happy mail
  • Trainings
  • Updates
  • Incentives
  • Woohooing!


Wednesday is a Get To Work Day! I’ll be prepping for any parties I have that week, making videos for FB parties, scheduling posts, booking, and just general work, lol! This day will include:

  • Vendor event prep
  • Party prep
  • Making videos
  • Scheduling posts (for parties, group, page, team, etc)
  • Working on bookings, sales


Thankful Thursday is really how this all began. I decided to write some thank you notes to customers from the previous week one Thursday. It hit me that doing this on a weekly basis instead of monthly one would be so much easier to handle and maybe I wouldn’t get so far behind. This is also a day that I tend to have Facebook Parties, so I will be doing that in the evening as well. This day will include:

  • Writing thank you notes to customers, hostesses
  • Touching base with some customers personally
  • Sending happy mail to random customers
  • Party day


We’ve all heard, the fortune is in the follow up! Well, it’s true! If you aren’t following up with leads, you are giving them to someone else that will! I’m going to take Fridays for following up with leads, hostesses, customers, and potential team members. This day will include:

  • Contacting ladies that were interested in hosting but haven’t booked
  • Following up on any new leads from the week
  • Checking in with hostesses from that week and getting them ready to close out their party
  • Getting any new business info to potential team members
  • Checking in on new consultants


These are goals for those days. I’m sure there will be days when I don’t get to do some of what I have set aside for that day. But, as long as I am touching all these areas, every week, my business will be well taken care of. With this simple breakdown, it’s easy for anyone to work their business a little bit each day. If you spend 30 minutes a day on your business, it will grow. And when you make sure and touch all areas of your business each week, you will start reaching big scary goals you set for yourself! I read something recently that really hit home with me, it said: Dream One Size Too Big! That is so true! When you stretch your goals and get out of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at the direction your business will go! Get out there and make some crazy cool goals, and then work towards them!

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ManyChat – Messenger Bot for Facebook

I love finding new and exciting tools for my business! Especially when they are easy, fun to use, and give me stats I can stalk, lol! I love checking a click report! My friend, Bridgett, shared this new tool with me and I’ve been playing with it for 2 days. It’s called ManyChat and it’s an amazing Messenger Bot! It allows you to set up automated conversations with your Facebook Business Page and anyone that interacts with it through messenger! (side note: yes, you can have a Business Page or Like Page on Facebook. If you have any questions about the dos and don’ts for a Thirty-One Consultant, please check out the Consultant Guidelines on TOT or contact CAGS.) It’s really kind of hard to explain in writing, you really just have to check out the video to fully understand the awesomeness of this tool!

I set up a free account on ManyChat and went to work figuring it out. I’m by no means an expert right now, but I have found a few things that I love. And between the time that I made the video below and writing this blog, I have thought of even more ways to use it! Including, hostess coaching, new consultant tips, and business tips for seasoned consultants, just to name a few! I will be making a video on the hostess coaching very soon!

I’m a little long winded and try some things I hadn’t really checked out yet in the video below. But it’s a pretty good overview of the things I have figured out so far and the ways you can use ManyChat for your Thirty-One Business. This is really a super cool tool!


Thank you to my friend, Cortni, for helping me test it out today. The images below are what it looks like for the customer when they get started with my bot.


UPDATE!! I set up my Hostess Coaching and it’s pretty awesome! Check it out!

Watch for more info and videos to come on this amazing new tool! And Subscribe to me on YouTube for more tips and ideas for your business!


Relief for Flood Victims! #PrayForHouston

I have lived in Southeast Texas my entire life. I’m a Texas girl through and through. Seeing the devastation is breaking my heart. What’s even harder for me, is the guilt I have over the fact that I am here and dry. My family and I have been so blessed and fortunate to live in a dry neighborhood. We have power, we have food, we are safe. So many around us are not.

Red Cross will be in our area for a while and they will be in need of supplies for flood victims. I would like to collect donations to stuff Zipper Pouches with toiletries for these evacuees. I’m here, in the heart of the devastation and I am available to get these items where they are most needed. To donate a Zipper Pouch, place an order {HERE} I will be collecting and filling them as they come in. First round of orders will be submitted on August 31st.


You can also donate through Paypal {HERE} and I will order the Zipper Pouch for you. Either way, your donation will be greatly appreciated. Let’s pull together during this time and show love to those around us.


Digital Hostess Packet

I am focusing on my Facebook parties, revamping the set up and making it super simple for me and the hostess! I decided to give a digital hostess packet a try this season. I know others that have used them before and think it seems so easy to get in there hands right away! I have mine set up as a Mad Mimi email, I will email it to them and also send them the link through Facebook Messenger when the party is scheduled. There are links in the email where they can access files I have prepared for them. I will update the info each month.

I also created a Dropbox Folder that includes images they can share on Facebook and a printable outside order form.

I will also send the hostess one catalog, a monthly special flier, a wish list, and a handwritten note. This will help me cut down on shipping costs as well. Instead of sending multiple catalogs and fliers, and printing forms in a flat rate envelope, I will be able to send them for more than 1/2 the cost. Easy and streamlined! That’s my goal this season with my business!

You can check out my Hostess Packet below! I also have some files I have found in a Hostess Coaching Dropbox Folder. You are free to use those items, the Host Tip of the Day is really awesome! I plan on sending one tip each day to my hostess, probably via messenger. These will encourage her to interact with her FB party (I did not create those, found them from another leader with another direct sales company). I will keep that folder updated with anything that I use along the way.


5 Things You NEED to Know

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This is so exciting!! Right now, until the end of February, you can join Thirty-One for ONE DOLLAR! Isn’t that amazing!? I wanted to give you the low down on what that means, and how you can get tons of free Thirty-One with just $1!!

Five Things!!

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  4. You can buy the kit later!! This is probably the biggest and most amazing thing! You can sign up for a dollar now and get the kit later for the same awesome price of $99!! woohoo!!
  5. Run your business, your way! The Direct Sales Industry is in an amazing time right now! More and more people are buying from DS Companies and they are buying online!

Watch the video below to see how I can help you accomplish all of this and more when you join for One Dollar!!

**In this video, I mention this is only available in August but it’s BACK! You can sign up for $1 druing the month of February 2018!

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Using a Facebook Public Page to Support Your Thirty-One Team!

I set up a Team Business Page on Facebook a few months ago. It sat there, basically unused, until recently. I started using it to help my team, mainly those that aren’t as computer or Facebook savvy as I am. I have enjoyed finding new ways to use it and make the journey with Thirty-One a little easier for these ladies. Here’s a video that shows you our team page and a few ways I have used it so far. I would love to hear any ideas you have for a public page to support your team!

How I’ve used it so far:

  • Sharing videos
  • Sharing tips and ideas
  • Opportunity Event
  • (Coming Soon) Team Facebook Party!

More ideas for your Facebook Pages:

Amazing Updates for Your Facebook Business Page! 

Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!

Christmas Shopping Club!

Christmas Club

Get it done early!

Sounds crazy to talk about Christmas right now, it’s July! But what if I told you, I could help you get your Christmas shopping done, without hitting a store, and you could get some of it for FREE?! Sounds awesome, right!? I’ve got the solution for you: My Christmas Shopping Club!

Here’s the details:

  • Each member of the group commits to purchasing at least $35 each month, for 5 months. This club starts August 1st and runs through December. All purchases will be in by Christmas!
  • This unlocks the Monthly Special for you too, saving you even more on your gifts!
  • Each month, a different member of the group will be the ‘Hostess’ and collect the benefits from the party! Without hosting!
  • You can host during your month if you like, this will only give you more benefits!
  • Guaranteed benefits are $25 in free credit, one half price item, and one hostess exclusive.
  • If you share the catalog with your friends and family during your month, you could easily get $100 in free credit, two half price items, two hostess exclusives, AND the opportunity to purchase the monthly hostess special! You know they are gonna be needing gifts too!
  • You join an exclusive group on Facebook, just for members of your club.
  • You will know the upcoming specials before anyone else! This helps you plan you spending so that you save even more!
  • You will also receive fun gifts and surprises from ME!
  • It’s fun!

Not sure yet! Check out the new Fall Catalog below, remember to think about all the gifts you will be needed soon!


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