Relief for Flood Victims! #PrayForHouston

I have lived in Southeast Texas my entire life. I’m a Texas girl through and through. Seeing the devastation is breaking my heart. What’s even harder for me, is the guilt I have over the fact that I am here and dry. My family and I have been so blessed and fortunate to live in a dry neighborhood. We have power, we have food, we are safe. So many around us are not.

Red Cross will be in our area for a while and they will be in need of supplies for flood victims. I would like to collect donations to stuff Zipper Pouches with toiletries for these evacuees. I’m here, in the heart of the devastation and I am available to get these items where they are most needed. To donate a Zipper Pouch, place an order {HERE} I will be collecting and filling them as they come in. First round of orders will be submitted on August 31st.


You can also donate through Paypal {HERE} and I will order the Zipper Pouch for you. Either way, your donation will be greatly appreciated. Let’s pull together during this time and show love to those around us.


Digital Hostess Packet

I am focusing on my Facebook parties, revamping the set up and making it super simple for me and the hostess! I decided to give a digital hostess packet a try this season. I know others that have used them before and think it seems so easy to get in there hands right away! I have mine set up as a Mad Mimi email, I will email it to them and also send them the link through Facebook Messenger when the party is scheduled. There are links in the email where they can access files I have prepared for them. I will update the info each month.

I also created a Dropbox Folder that includes images they can share on Facebook and a printable outside order form.

I will also send the hostess one catalog, a monthly special flier, a wish list, and a handwritten note. This will help me cut down on shipping costs as well. Instead of sending multiple catalogs and fliers, and printing forms in a flat rate envelope, I will be able to send them for more than 1/2 the cost. Easy and streamlined! That’s my goal this season with my business!

You can check out my Hostess Packet below! I also have some files I have found in a Hostess Coaching Dropbox Folder. You are free to use those items, the Host Tip of the Day is really awesome! I plan on sending one tip each day to my hostess, probably via messenger. These will encourage her to interact with her FB party (I did not create those, found them from another leader with another direct sales company). I will keep that folder updated with anything that I use along the way.


5 Things You NEED to Know

About Joining Thirty-One for $1!

This is so exciting!! Right now, until the end of August, you can join Thirty-One for ONE DOLLAR! Isn’t that amazing!? I wanted to give you the low down on what that means, and how you can get tons of free Thirty-One with just $1!!

Five Things!!

  1. It really is $1! It costs just $1 to get started, but only for a limited time! You gotta jump on it before August 31st!
  2. You can get FREE Thirty-One Products! Consultants earn free products all the time! I’ll help you earn everything you want from the Fall Catalog!
  3. Get Paid! I’ll help you with your Launch Party, I’ll send you a packet that includes a catalog and fliers so you can share it with friends. With a $500 party, you will get $125 in commission, $125 in Business Credit, and $90 in Hostess Credit PLUS more Hostess Benefits!!
  4. You can buy the kit later!! This is probably the biggest and most amazing thing! You can sign up for a dollar now and get the kit later for the same awesome price of $99!! woohoo!!
  5. Run your business, your way! The Direct Sales Industry is in an amazing time right now! More and more people are buying from DS Companies and they are buying online!

Watch the video below to see how I can help you accomplish all of this and more when you join for One Dollar!!

Want more info! Let’s chat!

Ready to get started RIGHT NOW!?

Visit to JOIN and Start your Thirty-One Journey! Don’t wait! This $1 offer ends on August 31st!

Using a Facebook Public Page to Support Your Thirty-One Team!

I set up a Team Business Page on Facebook a few months ago. It sat there, basically unused, until recently. I started using it to help my team, mainly those that aren’t as computer or Facebook savvy as I am. I have enjoyed finding new ways to use it and make the journey with Thirty-One a little easier for these ladies. Here’s a video that shows you our team page and a few ways I have used it so far. I would love to hear any ideas you have for a public page to support your team!

How I’ve used it so far:

  • Sharing videos
  • Sharing tips and ideas
  • Opportunity Event
  • (Coming Soon) Team Facebook Party!

More ideas for your Facebook Pages:

Amazing Updates for Your Facebook Business Page! 

Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!

Christmas Shopping Club!

Christmas Club

Get it done early!

Sounds crazy to talk about Christmas right now, it’s July! But what if I told you, I could help you get your Christmas shopping done, without hitting a store, and you could get some of it for FREE?! Sounds awesome, right!? I’ve got the solution for you: My Christmas Shopping Club!

Here’s the details:

  • Each member of the group commits to purchasing at least $35 each month, for 5 months. This club starts August 1st and runs through December. All purchases will be in by Christmas!
  • This unlocks the Monthly Special for you too, saving you even more on your gifts!
  • Each month, a different member of the group will be the ‘Hostess’ and collect the benefits from the party! Without hosting!
  • You can host during your month if you like, this will only give you more benefits!
  • Guaranteed benefits are $25 in free credit, one half price item, and one hostess exclusive.
  • If you share the catalog with your friends and family during your month, you could easily get $100 in free credit, two half price items, two hostess exclusives, AND the opportunity to purchase the monthly hostess special! You know they are gonna be needing gifts too!
  • You join an exclusive group on Facebook, just for members of your club.
  • You will know the upcoming specials before anyone else! This helps you plan you spending so that you save even more!
  • You will also receive fun gifts and surprises from ME!
  • It’s fun!

Not sure yet! Check out the new Fall Catalog below, remember to think about all the gifts you will be needed soon!


Ready to get started?!


A New Way to Party Online!

There’s a new way to party online! I have been hearing about a new website for online parties, My Online Party. Tonight, I had a chance to check it out and I can not wait to have a party over there!! I’m so excited that I am hosting the first one….next week!!


Password: partywithjenna

This new website has some amazing features that I would love to share with you! Join the Party to help me test it out!! Password to enter the party is partywithjenna I will be sharing all the ways YOU can use this new tool as well as some pretty awesome features that even Facebook can’t offer you! I will be LIVE right on that party page on Monday the 5th at 8pm CST and will be able to answer any questions you have. Don’t miss this fun look at a brand new way you can party online!


Basic Steps to Create Your Brand

There are a few basic steps to getting started with branding yourself. I wrote a blog a while back that explains why you should be branding yourself and if you haven’t read it, you can find it {here}  This week in our Graphics Training 101 event, I will be sharing easy ways you can create your brand. Check out the event, join it, and follow along!

First off, YOU are your brand! Not your company! YOU are the reason your customers continue coming to you for Thirty-One, or whatever products you sell. They could find those items from someone else but they come to you. Your company is the vehicle for your business but YOU are the driver! You are in control and you want to market yourself, not solely your company. Now that we have established that, we can get to the real steps to creating your brand!

Step 1:

Take a cute head shot and use it everywhere! Across all social media sites, on labels, put it in your emails, on your website, everywhere! This way, your customers know your face and recognize you on all pieces of correspondence they receive from you. It doesn’t have to be professional, I will help you make it look more professional later in the training. Once you have decided on a photo, put it in a file on your computer titled, Headshot. Now you can easily find it!

Step 2:

Decide on a color scheme. This was the hardest part for me. I played around with Adobe Color wheel for a while and then took a different route. I like clean looking images and love black and white. So black and white are 2 of my colors. I also like that Thirty-One pink, so it naturally became one of my colors. (It’s color code e11580 if you were wondering) And then I took the navy blue from the top in my head shot as an accent to the pink. This way, my picture and color scheme go well together. Don’t overthink it, just find a couple of colors and stick with them.

Step 3:

If possible, purchase a URL from GoDaddy. The easiest way to select your URL is to use your name. This of course will be easy for your customers to remember and usually they are not common enough to cost a lot of money through GoDaddy. If you have a hard to spell name or unusual name, you can use something else that is catchy. Mine is kind of long but easy to remember. It’s Notice how I put a capital letter at the beginning of each word. I do that whenever I type it, that makes it easy to read and separate the words. In the set up of your website, you can select to have it forwarded to your replicated website. That is how you need to set it up.

Step 4:

I love fonts, so I tend to check them out anyway. Once I found a couple that I really like and wanted to use, I made them part of my brand. I use the same 2 fonts in all of my graphics and images that I create for my business. You can easily download free fonts on and other free sites. You can also find fonts on Pinterest. I have a Pinterest Board full of fonts and combos that are great for each other. If you are unsure of what you should do, jump on Pinterest, search for fonts, and find some you like.

These four steps will get you ready for the rest of this week and the tips I will be giving you in our graphics training event. I look forward to helping you learn how easy creating graphics can be and how they will set you apart in your Thirty-One Business!




TOTE-ally Live Thursday!

I am SO excited about a new segment I will be doing every Thursday on my page! Every Thursday, at 8pm CST, I will be LIVE right on Facebook for a quick 10-15 minute segment! I’ll be sharing different things, fun stuff like Thirty-One hacks, a closer look at a product, gift ideas, and maybe even some sneak peeks!! It’s going to be fantastic! I’ll even take requests for certain products! I hope you take a moment to LIKE my page and get Live Video updates!! First TOTE-ally Live Thursday will be June 1st @ 8pm CST!



Using the Shop Tab with your Facebook Parties

How are you using this feature?

I’ve had this question a lot lately, ever since I shared this option and my excitement about it. I wanted share it with y’all here!

The more I play with and set up my Shop Tab, the more I love it! The first thing I love about it, is the ease in which they can check out each item and the patterns it’s available in. Yes I know they can do this on my website, but will they? I don’t know, it’s easy on Facebook to flip through some images and I think they will be likely to do it then to go search for something on my website.

Then I found the Tag feature! Hello Game Changer! Check out this quick video then I will explain more how I am using this in my Facebook Parties!

So why is tagging your products so important?! Let me explain. I am hosting a Facebook Party on my Business Page right now. It’s the first time I’ve done this so I am not sure how it will play out. Since finding this feature, I think I will be doing it more often though! And tagging products is why! Check this out, I post a fun bundle image on my business page or public event hosted by my page. I can then tag those items making it so super easy for them to find the products and purchase them! It’s a customer service! The easier it is to shop, the more likely they will be to do it! Here’s an example of what a bundle image looks like with tagged products in the newsfeed of my page.


The ‘Click for Details’ tag at the top of the image will be on any image that has tagged products. That let’s them know that they can learn more about those products when they click on the image. Also, along the bottom, it shows them what products are shown in the image with their cost! I love that! Then if they click on one of those, it takes them to that product, with each pattern, right in my ‘Shop’ on Facebook. Then one more click and they are on my website, on that product! It’s SO easy!

Still don’t have a Business Page? Now is your time to start setting it up! There are so many reasons why! Here’s another post from a while back that has even more Business Page info –> Why You Need a Facebook Business Page!